A Tale Of Two Sisters-Recap.

Spoiler Alert: This is the summary of the movie. Do not read if you don’t want us to break the suspense that comes ahead.


  • Im Soo-Jung as Bae Su-mi
  • Moon Guen Young as Bae Su-yeon
  • Yeom Jeong Ah as Heo Eun-joo
  •  Kim Kap Su as Bae Moo-hyeon
  • Lee Seung-Bi as Mi-hee (Eun-joo’s sister in law)
  • Lee Dae-Yeon as Su-mi’s doctor
  • Park Mi-Hyun as Mrs Bae (Moo-hyeon’s frist wife and Su-mi’s and Su-yeon’s mother)
  • Woo Ki-Hong as Sun-kyu (Eun-joo’s brother)

The movie opens in hospital room which was unnecessarily big for a single doctor.

May be they wanted to maintain an eerie atmosphere for the thriller movie 😀

Su-Mi who is the patient is brought by the nurse. The doctor tries to make a conversation but Su-Mi doesn’t seem to care. Finally the doctor shows her family photo and asks her story.Su-Mi, her little sister Su-Yeoun and her father,Moo-Hyeon move in to a new place in a beautiful country side.

I don’t see why people had to always select a lonely house in country side for a horror movie

A step mom enters the scene. As usual the girls and the step mom hate one another. Su-Yeoun being timid doesn’t show it much but Su-Mi rebels. She and her step mom constantly get into cold war. The step mom yearns for intimacy from her husband. But Moo-Hyeon is seen to sleep alone which makes the step mom go nuts. Meanwhile we see someone trying to enter Su-Yeoun’s bedroom at night. Su-Mi goes to investigate and finds her step mom lurking. Su-Mi comforts her sister and assures she will be there for her.

The two seem really close. Su-Mi takes care of Su-Yeoun like her daughter ^^.The way she cares for her sister is very very touching!*Awwww JJ* Su-Mi finds her mother’s old things in a storage room and gives it to her sister, <3<3

Su-Mi finds bruises and marks on her sister’s hand. She storms out and fights with her step mom for harassing her sister. Su-Mi’s dad hears the argument but does not react much. *WTH*

Su-Mi’s dad doesn’t play much role in the house. He asks her now and then about things bothering her. He seems annoyingly enduring to the stepmoms crazy acts. Even when the step mom acted like a complete nut case in front of a couple friends who had come for dinner, he was calm. One of the guests (the wife) gets seizure and on way home she tells her husband that she saw a weird girl under the sink.

The stepmom takes care of a bird and is seen to like it much. That night Myun-Hyeon finds the bird missing from the cage. The step mom goe to Su-yeon’s room and finds a stack of photos in which her face is scratched and sheared off. She also her dead bird hidden under Su-yeon’s bed. She gets violent and locks up the little girl in the closet.

Myun-Hyeon buries the bird and asks Su-Mi about the photos. She angrily replies that her step mom is harassing her sister. Looking confused her father tells her that her sister is dead and she should get on with life.

The next day the step mom beats up Su-hyeon and stuffs her in a bag. Su-Mi tries to save her sister and in the fight gets unconscious.  Moo-hyeon returns home and finds Su-mi covered in blood. The bag and step mom are nowhere.

It is then we find that it was Su-Mi who acted like her step mom and sister all along. The real step mom seems kinder. Su-Mi is transferred to hospital. Meanwhile real step mom returns home and hears strange noises. When she goes to investigate, something comes from the closet and kills her.

Why the hell is the ghost in closet killing her?

What really happened?


In the flashback, it is shown that Su-Mi’s mother was ill and the step mom Eun-joo is her nurse. The nurse and her husband get closer. This makes the girls and their mother sad and Su-Mi starts showing hatred towards Eun-Joo. Their mom commits suicide in the closet and when Su-hyeon finds the body screams and accidentally knocks off the closet. The closet falls on her. Hearing the noise Eun-Joo comes into the room but turns back without helping. On way, she passes Su-mi’s room and an argument starts between them. Eun-joo warns Su-mi that she may come to regret this moment but Su-mi ignores it and angrily marches out of the house. Su-yeon continues to struggle until she eventually dies.

Horror Moments:

Su-Mi finding bloody flesh in fridge.

Su-Mi dreaming of a ghost.

Disfigured girl under the sink.

The ghost inside the closet.


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