A Tale Of two Sisters-Review


I watched this movie because it had awesome review around internet. Mostly when I watch movies with such high expectation I would at least be a teeny bit disappointed. But “A Tale Of two Sisters” lived up to my expectations. I must advice please don’t read any storyline or spoilers of any sort before watching the movie. My one other reason for watching the movie is cutie pie “Little Bride:)”  Guen Young. She looked pretty and acted awesome in the movie. The movie as such is not at spooky end but has a handful of scary moments. The story is set in the usual “countryside lonely House” background. The director has done the best to maintain an eerie atmosphere.The relationship between the two sisters is really heart touching and sweet*aww:)*.Whenever I see a horror movie; I am highly deprived of colours. But not this movie; I saw red, green, blue and yellow (whole and intact). Towards the end I became curious and confused. I bit my nails and waited for the jig saw puzzle to solve itself. The movie would demand a lot of patience but wait for it unravel itself. You will love it!!!:)

Thriller Rating-4.7/5

Horror Rating-3/5

Movie Rating-4.5/5


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