BB creams- Korean magic cream for flawless YOU

If you are K-addict I am sure you would have heard about BB cream. I heard it once; twice; thrice ; another time and that was it. Time for some internet digging!!!

So what is this BB cream?

BB cream or the blemish balm is a famous cosmetic which is used by at least 85% of Korean women. The Korean stars claim that BB cream was the secret of their “Angel-like” flawless beauty. This created an obsession with the Korean women like the good old “Fair And Lovely” obsession in India. But it is nothing like fair and lovely (which makes you neither lovely nor fair). So then what does it do? It makes your skin look flawless. You might say a makeup does the same. But BB cream is one step ahead. It makes your skin look natural flawless.

You will be yourself; only better.

It does not give the masked look that a normal makeup does. Impressive, right? The best part is it is not bad for your skin and does not clog your pores like a foundation does.

Now for the next business- How to get hold of one?

BB creams are terribly limited to South East Asian “Pretty boys’” countries. There are some E-bay sellers in India who claim to have the original Korean BB creams. But we cannot be 100% sure when it comes to E-bay. People say the best product is BRTC and luckily the company offers worldwide delivery in its site. But the BRTC product comes under high cost end. The only BB cream available in Indian stores is the one by Maybelline. It has pretty decent reviews and seems to work well for Indian skin. It does not cover dark spots well enough but evens out the skin tone real good.

Don’t worry if the product is not available in your local drug store. Plenty of online shops like Urbantouch, violetbag, medplusbeauty etc are there for the rescue. It does not hurt to try it once, does it?


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