Love Rain – Episode 2 “Scribbles”

Spoiler Alert: This is a recap of one of the episodes of the drama. Do not read if you don’t want us to break the suspense/surprise that comes ahead.

From the fateful first meeting among the stars of Love Rain we move onto clashes in Episode 2.

While Episode 1 was more slow and lethargic where we got to know In Ha, Yoon Hee Episode 2 is more fast paced. Our Shy In Ha is finally getting some spine (LOL!!! He does have one but it sometimes becomes invisible).

Episode 2 takes us to a colourful opening location:


I always love a colourful festival with those stalls. Yep!! Our main characters all attend this fete where they sing , dance and play games.

One interesting thing was In Ha turned into Korean  Robin Hood *kekeke* due to Hye Jung’s wish. He successfully aimed and hit the apples and won stuffed toys for both Hye Jung and Yoon Hee. That’s my Man!! Yes you tug on the heartstrings of both these girls.

Personally I think any Indian director would have been proud of In Ha and whisked him off to bollywood because of his actions in Episode 2. He won archery competition even when Mr. Overconfident Lee wanted to do the honour by asserting his rights *clap clap* He grabbed Yoon Hee after their dance practically screaming for more quality time. He made a flying dive to save his girl from a falling board. These are just the qualities for a good action her plus he is HOT!!! LOL!!

Yoon Hee was not amused by his flying antics (thus breaking arms) and she was worried to death.

Reason: Yoon Hee’s parents passed away trying to save her. Poor In Ha!! He does something heroic and gets scolded by Chang Mo, Hye  Jung, Dong Wook and also hurts Yoon Hee!! Sob Sob..I swear I won’t scold him if In Ha saves me. Come to me In Ha!

Chang Mo is such a nice friend but he has some communication problems. He is convinced about In Ha`s love for Yoon Hee from all the heroics at the festival and tries to ask him about it. But only ends up confusing him.  In comes Dong Wook before Chang Mo can fully question In Ha.

While In Ha fared well in the festival doing some manly stuff Dong Wook was not that good. He did do some cool karate kicks Yey!! remebering Karate kid! It looked funny to me cos of the costume which was so loose. *teehee poor Dong Wook can never redeem himself in my eyes after that pencil stunt he pulled off last episode*

Atleast he had the nerve to confess that the answer for “Love means never having to say sorry” was not his but In ha’s. He also had the plan of asking Yoon Hee out officially after the dance but fate intervened or in other  words In ha intervened with that timely rescue which resulted in a visit to the friendly doctor.

Thus Dong Wook never got a chance to ask Yoon Hee out. Good!! The next day a much calmer and happier Yoon Hee prepares some Kimbap for the now handicapped In Ha and also accompanies him to the music shop as he wants to use Yoon Hee to test the new guitar.

I rate this scene as the cutest scene of this episode. Not just because it was the sweet moment of Yoon Hee and In ha but because I loved their duet. An english duet by Jang Keun Suk and Yoona of SNSD is ofcourse the winner of the title “CUTE”

They have a stroll back from the shop and talk about various things. And out pops Love Story again. Yoon Hee once again wishes to see it but unfortunately the movie is removed from theatre. That’s called fate! In ha gets a promise from Yoon hee to go watch Love Story later if any countryside theatres screen it.

And now comes the saddest moment of the episode. They decide to lunch on Kimbap together and In ha hurriedly hides his half finished portrait while cleaning his studio claiming that it was Hye Jung. *no this is not the sad moment* He hurries to collect some water and Yoon Hee looks around. She sees an open door and opens it not realising that it was the door that In Ha sealed his love in last episode. And out pops In Ha’s drawing from the Pandora’s box LOL!!*this is a shocking moment not the sad moment* Yoon Hee finally realises the significance of this drawing and is happy. In ha runs in and finds Yoon Hee gaping at his secret stash. He follows her outside and tells her that his portraits DID NOT MEAN anything. They were just sceneries for him *nope not the sad moment* He says that he doesn’t want to lunch with Yoon Hee anymore as his friends may think wrong of his actions and he also doesn’t want to hurt Dong Wook as he is a precious friend. *Ouch thats the sad moment* Harsh when a guy declares that he picks his friend over her and also that she better be true to his friend.

Yoon Hee`s happy expression is immediately doused and tears collect in her eyes. She walks away sadly while In Ha goes back to his studio and cleans all the portraits and mopes.

Dong Wook has the worst possible time and interrupts Yoon Hee who is moodily walking back home. She angrily demands what he likes about her in order that he keeps following her. He is saddened immediately and reveals she reminds him of his mother who passed away. He finally asks her out and Yoon Hee is silent. So he gives her an ultimatum. They are leaving on a trip tomorrow. If she wishes to accompany him it means as an yes for their relation.

In Ha runs in to see their sweet talk and realises he was too late.

“Someone’s beginning is someone’s end”

In other words.. Bye bye In Ha hello Dong Wook!!

Yoon Hee decides to come to the trip and In Ha is the one who pulls her into the train when she arrives late right just when the train departs. LOL!! “Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge  anyone??!!”

Dong Wook is ecstatic and leads Yoon Hee away while In Ha realises the error of his ways. When they reach the spot they have a nice time playing around, having a huge picnic and then play some games like hide and seek. In Ha and Yoon Hee meet accidentally while hiding from Dong Wook and Yoon Hee angrily swipes at In Ha when he tries to congratulate on her new relation. The boy had it coming with the scenery comment!!!Ouch!! In Ha looks sad and lonely.

Then the three guys sing while the girls listen when suddenly Hye Jung demands that In Ha do a solo performance. He sings the song which Yoon Hee inspired him to compose “SarangBi”.

He hasn’t completed the lyrics and so fills in with some humming!! A nice catchy tune..sallang sallang sallan duegeun duegeun duegeun!! After the song gets over he announces he wants to reveal something important. Dong Wook speculates that is he going to reveal about his 3 second girl for whom he wrote this song!! Others are impatient for his announcement and Yoon Hee glances up.

He will reveal the answer in next episode!*dang a cliffhanger*

Something I very much loved in this episode was Kim Chang Mo!! We know he was the clowny guy but another side of him was revealed. He was a loyal friend who tried to hide In Ha’s portrait from Hye Jung and Dong Wook. He confesses to Hye Jung about his love for her which he has hid from her as she loves another man. Sweet!! Hye Jung sure is missing someone good! And the funny moments between Hye Jung, Chang Mo and In Sook is the best relief to all the angst surrounding In Ha and Yoon Hee.

Episode 2 has In Ha and Yoon Hee getting frustrated with their love being bottled up. And we have a cute confession from Chang Mo to Hye Jung. In Sook shifts her attention to Chang Mo rather to his horror LOL!! Dong Wook has turned into a guy who Yoon hee picked as a rebound choice.

Will Yoon Hee and In Ha really confess their true feelings? Or will Dong Wook succeed in his dating venture? Let’s wait for Episode 3!!


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