What is Life without a little K-Nail Art?

Hello to all those K-fashion addicts!!

I am sure many of us just adore the style of K idols and actors. Sometimes one among the masses does something differently and it stands out. Today one such star who outshine others and thus captured the attention of us K-gurus was,

Lee Hong Ki!!

If you are a K-POP fan I am sure you would have been impressed by the outstanding vocals of  Idol boy group FT Island`s singer Hong Ki.

And if you are a K-Drama fan you would have been impressed and grown to love the cute Jeremy from the infamous You’re beautiful!

So either way one would know about Lee Hong Ki.. But here is an interesting fact not only is he an awesome singer and a cute actor he is also an avid nail art expert. He loves experimenting with mani-pedi and is always happy to share his hobby with his fans through twitter and variety shows.

Here is Lee Hong Ki`s awesome nail arts,

Click to see larger Images!

LOL!!! Gurus are very much impressed by his passion and even more shocked by the expense!! Reportedly he spent $8000 USD (Approx 4 lakh INR) to do a design with diamonds!! Here is what he said about it,

“It was candle luxury nail art so taking care of it was hard. I had to lift my finger in order to wash my hair.”

Why go to all the trouble then?

Hong Ki`s answer, “Once a week, I get my nails done… it’s not weird. When my nails are done well, I feel good. It’s an art.”

Ahh!!! so its an art and so he loves to do it as an appreciator of art!

Hong Ki`s design are all vivid and stands out just like him. I love the emo designs he tries,

And my favorite of all was his pedi art!!

That black background with just the art in his big toe was awesome!

*Wondering if we can do it over here!!*

What do you guys think about Hong Ki`s art? Is it cute,hot or bleh?

Maybe Hong Ki has a different and a strangely cute hobby but to me he is one Cute K Guy!! My Jeremy!!LOL

Credit: Allkpop, Korea.com, tagged


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