Cool Slang- “Fighting”

I have always wondered why I keep hearing “Fighting” in Korean dramas and movies. I can understand they don’t use it in actual “Fighting” context. It is more like “All the best”, “Work hard” or cheering. It is really catchy right? I have started using the word too (So has many of my friends KEKE…^^ )But why use the particular word? So as usual I did some internet digging.

If we listen clearly the Koreans actually say “Hwaiting” or “Paiting”. This is because the Koreans find it difficult to pronounce “F”( You might have noticed how they pronounce coffee as “Koppi” ) and the “Phaiting” is “Hangulised english”(Honglish). Seems like the Japanese were the first to use the slang in soccer games. But soon Koreans borrowed it. I really love the way the Koreans say it with a fist pump. Aja! Aja! Fighting! ^^


3 thoughts on “Cool Slang- “Fighting”

  1. Hi there! I love these types of Korean words ^_^ Where did you get the information that the Japanese first used ‘fighting!’ for soccer games? It is interesting because I hear fighting/paiting lots in K-drama but almost never in J-dramas (usually Japanese use ‘ganbare’). Any help pointing me towards interesting websites would be great! Thanks!

    • Hello Sophie I did some internet research…seems like Japanese used it first but they did not develop it into a popular slang…I will write about some other Korean words in future too:-):-)

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