Korean Killer Smiles – A Smilenalysis

The Delicious Smile-Jang Geun Suk

The Cutie Pie Smile-Kim Hyun Joong

The Casanova Smile-Kim Bum

The Angelic Smile-Hong Ki

The Handsome Smile- Kim Jae Won

The Cute Dimple Smile- Choi Siwon

The Childish Smile-Lee Min Ho

The Devilish Smile- Hyun Bin

The Gentleman Smile-Dong Hae

The Cheesy Smile- Daniel Henney


3 thoughts on “Korean Killer Smiles – A Smilenalysis

  1. I think Lee min ho’s smile should be called “Goofy smile” 🙂 while Lee hong ki ‘s smile should be the “Childish smile”. Jang keun suk’s should be called “Magical smile” Because he’s not my type but whenever he smiles I am totally spell bound exactly like magic. His last drama “love rain” had me repeat his smile scenes over a hundred time!

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