Red Carpet Spot-Chief Jung-Boys over Flowers

I would like to calls this guy the “Noble Chief”– “Noble” was his another name wasn’t it? He managed Jun Pyo and President Kang remaining honest to both of them. He was really “one of a kind”!!

The first thing that struck me was hiss manner of speech- composed, formal and smooth. He has managed to maintain his dialogs in a “single decibel” over the entire drama. The chief is obviously more classy and richer than Jan Di’s family but he speaks to them in the same manner he would talk to a “Country’s President”! Doesn’t laugh much but occasionally smiles( which is sort of nice).

When President Kang asks about Jan Di, He deliberately acts like he doesn’t know her. The same when she asks about the trip to Caledonia. He does not lie to her and keeps an innocent girl away from trouble. If we had told about Jan Di, the drama would have taken whole other turn.

He always looks out for Jun Pyo. Even when jun Pyo does unjust things like-breaking fire alarm or snatching a shoe from customer, he stands by him. He knew full well about attachment to Jan Di and helps him along the way. He keeps informed Jun Pyo about Jan Di and helps him get way for his date. When Jun Pyo is heartbroken when Jan Di leaves from Macau, he gives a shoulder for him to cry. Same with President Kang. When she broke down after Jun Pyo’s accident he consoles her.

The key part of  the drama was when everyone comes to know that Jun Pyo’s dad is alive. So this makes him the “Key holder”. I think he always sees the best in people and loyal to the core.I would have felt much better if he was given more credit towards the end of the drama.

The character is played by Jung Ho Bin(and brilliantly so!). I am very disappointed that he does not have a wiki page yet! 😦

My character Rating- 5/5


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