Idol Watch-VIXX-Voice,Visual, Value in Excelsis

VIXX is a new six member idol group which has debuted with their hit single “Super Hero” under “Jellyfish Entertainment”(their very first boy-band). The leader of the group,“N” is now hugely speculated as a look-alike of Kim Soo Hyun.  Personally I don’t feel they are strikingly similar but the do look like brothers at some angles. But this speculation has brought a lot of attention to this group.The group aims at becoming a “great heroic value to the industry”.

Members- N,LEO,KEN,RAVI, HongBin & Hyuk

You can connect with them through…

Facebook –
Youtube Channel –
Twitter –

At first I heard only the audio of the song “Superhero” and I found it very catchy and energetic. So I had high hopes for the MV but I was disappointed. I found the MV kind of boring mainly because I am a pink hater. For “Superhero” I expected black, red and blue(Atleast green?). But no they had to choose pink. The only thing that had me finishing the whole song was-the members of the boy band. They were all chocolatey cute and I am keeping an eye out for them!

Another single “starlight” is also peppy and worth hearing.


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