Love Rain – Episode 3 “Scribbles”

poiler Alert: This is a recap of one of the episodes of the drama. Do not read if you don’t want us to break the suspense/surprise that comes ahead.

Episode 2 had ended with In Ha on the brink of confessing something important to his friends! We all expect that he will reveal who his 3 seconds girl!! Hold your breath…

1 2 3…

In Ha “I am going to join the army”

There goes our hope. One cant always guess correctly I see !!
His friends who are expecting a happy news are shell-shocked by this.  They start pestering him for details. Why? When? Hye Jung is asserting her rights as a friend *ahem* and demands his answer.

Ok!! Leave the friends. What is Yoon Hee thinking? I assume she is having a guilt trip again. She asks In Ha whether the reason for his sudden enlistment is to escape from her. In Ha replies No..and then goes onto confess his love.

A most wonderful confession! The scene was so beautiful.. Kudos to the cinematography!

In Ha to Yoon Hee,”My Paintings..It’s not that you happened to be in my scenery. You were my scenery that day. Ever since the first time I met you my scenery was always you. It was a beautiful scene and it always fluttered my heart. Thank you and sorry for being a coward”

Yes…In Ha you were a coward for hiding your feelings for so long.. Tears!!

And I love her response.. Though it was heartbreaking Yoon Hee was correct,”If Only you had told me this a little earlier” Yes.. Just when Yoon Hee had finally succumbed to Dong Wook`s courting.

In Ha just silently buries his love in his heart.

As expected all his friends are angry with In ha for not consulting them about his plans. They do not understand that In ha is doing this inorder not to hurt them. But Dong Wook finally flares up when In Ha announces that he is leaving to his home town and will not return until after his 2 years of enlistment. In Ha promises Cest La vie’s radio show will go as planned and he will not skip it.

Dong Wook goes to Yoon Hee for some peace of mind after In Ha manages to put him into a crappy mood. Dont worry Dong Wook for once I am on your side. Even I am upset because of In Ha’s noble plan.

He cajoles Yoon Hee to accept to go on a date claiming that he has a bad day tomorrow. Buddy! You have got a worse surprise in store!! Oops!!

In Ha starts preparing to leave. He collects his stuff together. When it comes to Yoon Hee’s paintings he is reluctant to pack them. He leaves her paintings and diary in the pandora’s box aka his cupboard. Uhmm!! Why do I get a bad feeling about this?

Yoon Hee receives a gift. In Ha has left a spring watch to Yoon Hee which is one of her favourites as a farewell gift. He also leaves a goodbye note and starts for the sketch trip outside Seoul. In Ha will not be returning.

The note says “I will always wish for your happiness no matter where I am – Seo In Ha”

Yoon Hee realises that she will never get to see In Ha and rushes off to see her true love. Unfortunately she leaves that little note behind which falls into Hye Jung’s hands. DRAT!!! That girl was puzzling over In Ha’s sudden departure and then she realises the truth. She hurries over to In Ha’s studio/workplace to confirm her fears. On the way Chang Mo realises that In Ha’s secret stashes are in trouble. He tries stopping Hye Jung but that girl is determined. She sees the portraits of Yoon Hee and her diary in the pandora’s box and realises that In Ha`s love is mirrored in the paintings.

Yoon Hee follows In Ha to the sketching trip but unfortunately cannot find him. She returns dejectedly to the train station when she sees the infamous “Love Story” being screened in the theatre. And it starts raining.

Fate again interferes and who walks out of the theatre but our In Ha. I love how others just dissolve into nothingness as In Ha and Yoon Hee meet each others’ gaze. She reveals how much she misses him.

And then follows one of the most cutest part of this episode. In Ha and Yoon Hee watch the movie together. And In Ha is so shy to comfort Yoon Hee as she cries in the theatre. Come on In Ha you can do it!! Just grab her hand…Sigh Nope folks our hero is still reluctant.

And then luckily the last train to Seoul has left. After some brazen hand grabbing by Yoon Hee *Yes am officially team Girlzzz* In Ha and Yoon Hee catch the night train to East Sea rather than spending a cold night out in the station.

Meanwhile back in Seoul Hye Jung is upto no good. She tries to find out the whereabouts of In Ha. She even follows Chang Mo to their dorm to find if In ha is there. And our Over-confident Dong Wook is stood up. He is informed by Chang Mo that Yoon hee is detained but he sadly holds onto the bouquet he bought for her.

This line by In Ha aptly fits in “I knew that I was going to hurt everyone. But I was so happy that I couldn’t stop myself” Yes In Ha’s love though beautiful was serving a lot of pain to all. Dong Wook,Hye Jung,Chang Mo. Was his love selfish then?

In Ha and Yoon hee have a beautiful train journey with sweet moments. They reach the east sea and both have a wonderful time. In Ha finally delivers a kiss on her cheek (Ok so the kiss wasn’t exactly on the cheek but considering our shy hero with no experience and also his eyes were closed so we shall forgive him LOL)

They happily finish the lyrics of Sarang Bi song!!

“I want to know about you more. How you lived,how you ended up here.How you’re feeling now.Just like your father who had spun the springs on the watch everyday, I want to stay with you everyday. I want to stay with you a long time. I love you – Seo In Ha”

What a beautiful line In Ha thinks over as Yoon hee rests peacefully.

There is trouble brewing elsewhere. Hye Jung finds out through In Ha’s fellows artist friends that Yoon hee had indeed gone to see In Ha and both spent the night travelling to East Sea. Hye Jung, In Sook, Chang Mo decided to hide things from Dong Wook.

In Ha and Yoon hee return during these troubled times. In ha realizes that Yoon Hee is sick and asks her to go to the hospital while he talks with Dong Wook. He promises not to take the full blame. In Ha comes to the cafe to see his friends, he starts confiding about Yoon hee while Chang Mo tries to stop him. Dong Wook is shocked. Chang Mo tries to stop In Ha from hurting Dong Wook by hitting In ha. Ouch!!

In Ha leaves the cafe with the statement he will never leave Yoon Hee. Dong Wook further learns about Yoon Hee standing him up and spending the night with In Ha (Come on people!! They were on a train..And stop punishing Dong Wook so much. He has heard enough!)

So the saddest part is just starting. Yoon Hee faints in the street. She is taken to the hospital where she looks so pale. Uh-Oh I foresee trouble!

In ha is sadly reflecting over what happened and Chang Mo his noble buddy also refuses to talk with him.

Yoon Hee returns from the hospital where she is confronted by Dong Wook. She tries to protect In ha and takes the blame on herself which angers Dong Wook further who leaves with the following oath “I will never forgive InHa” Men!!!

Both In Ha and Yoon Hee are quietly thinking of their love when both feel an urge to meet the other. They run out and meet on the street. Episode 3 closes with happy In ha and Yoon Hee running towards each other.


This episode just moves things along a little bit faster. We got the confession and first stage of relationship for In Ha and Yoon Hee. We had a breakup for Dong Wook. And I think we have the birth of a nasty enemy in the form of Hye Jung!

My heart hurts. Just seeing In Ha and Yoon Hee and their romance. I Know this will not last and so I feel sad. Also another instant where I felt bad was when In Ha was practically looked like someone under trial. He did not confide about Yoon Hee because clearly Dong Wook pushed him away with his overconfident assness(excuse my new word LOL!! But I would describe Dong Wook’s actions till now as foolish). He never said he loved Hye Jung or he was even interested so she was building false castles. And my Chang Mo!! Why did you hit In Ha?? Heartbreak!! Let us see if the friends will support In Ha in the next Ep. And I am mighty worried about Yoon Hee’s health! Onward to Episode 4!


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