Because I am a Woman- A Song that stole Hearts

Year 2007– The year when Orkut was the official “Social King” of India and only a handful had facebook profiles; The year I had my first ever K-Fever. Thanks to orkut, I came across one of the best Korean music videos ever-“Because I am a Girl”. It was a viral at that time and I used to cry every time at the end of the song. It is one of my all-time favourites. The song was by girl pop trio-Kiss(Mini, Umji and Jini ). Sadly the band was short lived and broke up within one year(2001-2002).

The song was a hit mainly because the music video spoke for itself. There was no need for anyone to explain the lyrics to understand the MV(But I did check out the lyrics and its translation! Curiosity!)<I am sure you will or would have already checked it too>. But the lyrics had nothing to do with the song. Because of the huge popularity of the song, it was remade in many languages and versions(English, Chinese, French, Vietnamese,Mandarin,…You name it!). But I think the Korean version is much more moving and sweet!

Beautiful video set in magnetic music and angelic vocals! A definite win-win, right?

The Korean Version


The English Version(by Jini)


The 2NB version

This version has a totally different MV and vocals.


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