Jang Keun Suk makes his fans “Just Crazy” ?

Yes!! He does!! Korean actor Jang Keun Suk known for his most lauded role of Hwang Tae Kyung in You’re Beautiful has turned from an Idol on screen to a real life music genius! He sold 88,000 copies of his new album and at the same time broke many records.

Jang Keun Suk released his debut Japanese album last week and today it made headlines by topping not only Japanese Oricon daily chart but also Oricon Weekly Chart. What was amazing about this was that Jang Keun Suk broke many records which included the record held by Japanese artist Naotaro Moriyama for hitting the top with debut album nearly 8 years ago. WOW!!
Also last year Jang Keun Suk’s Let Me Cry debut Japanese single hit the #1 spot in Oricon.

So the cherry on top of the cake was that Suk was the first solo singer to reach the top of chart for both debut single and album in 17 years and four months. Talk about a long unbroken record LOL!!

All this headlines made me wonder about the songs.

So I got the help from our friendly neighbour Youtube and I liked what I saw..

This is his famed “Let Me Cry” single which started the spread of the virus called “Asia Prince Geun Chan” in Japan


First thing I noted about this song was the dark background and the heavy music. Even Suk’s voice was not that audible or so I thought.

But I figured Suk was enacting a very popular form of J Pop song style. The heavy makeup with dark background was an instant hit to me more than the music. But as I was gazing at the different expression by Suk *Manly!! How does he pull off guyliner? First Hwang Tae Kyung..now Let Me Cry??* I was captured by the song.

I really love his delivery of lines in all his dramas with that oh so sexy voice but I realized Suk can even pull off a Japanese song with that voice. So final result I was hooked. One may be put off by the MV thinking its dark as we are not used to J Pop but once you get past all that you will stay with Let Me Cry just for that sexy man with that “gominam” voice.

And then I went for the newest hit “Just Crazy” album’s song Crazy Crazy Crazy!!!

Wow!!! Seriously wow!!

It was not the song which hooked me this time.. Nor even the man!! LOL!!Ok maybe he did tip the scale in his favour slightly!

Unfortunately YT versions of the longer song was removed. Maybe someone reported that people raped the replay button LOL!!
Here is a short teaser of the MV Crazy Crazy Crazy 


What was different and ultimately made me fall for it?

The whole Halloween theme was spooky and it gave the right effect. Comeon how many of us wish that one of the idols we adore were like a toy in our hands and we could do with them as it pleases!! Well the small girl got her wish!!

She had Keun Suk doll in her hand and the real JKS was seen dancing in a haunted mansion. Suk took the album “Just Crazy” seriously!!

And the way he sang crazy crazy crazy made me also involuntarily hum along. A song which probably you wont like it at the first try but which will sneak up on you where you will find yourself going crazy over it!! heehee he did name his album perfectly!!

And this song is seriously my favorite of the lot!! though its a tough choice!! What tipped this song in my fav list was the cute way JKS sang “Abracadabra”

Listening to the opening lyrics will let you guys know what I mean..


And not to mention the awesome visual which I saw with this song!

There are many more amazing songs in Just Crazy! His Let Me Cry single is also included. Another noteworthy song is Bye Bye Bye.

And for anime fans Suk’s song 200 miles from Just Crazy will be the title theme song for the next season of Fairy tail Anime!

My final verdict: Just Crazy is not to be missed and it is worth for topping the chart and breaking all records because of the variety. From rock in the form of Let Me Cry to soft melody like Bye Bye Bye to autotuned version like 200 miles Just Crazy contains something for everyone’s taste!!

And rightly Asia Prince had driven his fans Just Crazy with his awesome vocals. He has improved so drastically from singing Promise when he was with Anjell!!

Our Tae Kyung has grown up guys!! Sniff sniff!!

Crazy Crazy Crazy!!

Did I mention the whole Chains concept is hot!! Gives me ideas!! Peace!!

 I leave you all finally with a crazy Keun Suk in chains!! He is all yours 🙂


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