‘Shine the light’ G-Dragon concert rocks!

After Jang Keun Suk rocking Japan yesterday another K Pop fever which hit headlines was Big Bang entering world charts with their new album Alive!!

But I am not here to talk about it..We shall deal with that in another analysis..

I am very much attracted by the Big Bang idols. Especially their style. The way they dress and carry themselves around is  awesome.

Coming to G-Dragon who wouldnt like that cute guy with weird hair color and hairstyles who looks like everything a cute K guy must look like. But what differentiate GD is though he maybe look like just another Korean idol who is a pretty boy he knows what to wear and how to wear. His fashion sense is legendary in K world and in the concert he adopted the manly look which was even more emphasized due to the shaved hair style.

But boy was I wrong!! G-Dragon IS SCALDING HOT!!!

He is just not cute but he rocks the stage with this song!

He performed this in his concert “Shine the light” 

I know this is quite old but seeing this years later doesn’t stop me admiring the props on stage.

A bed!! LOL!!! 

Enjoy seeing our cutsie G-Dragon meander his way sexily on stage!! And his voice was way hot. I was very much surprised that his singing live on stage was so cool under the circumstances.


Here is GD’s hot performance of his song ‘A Boy’ at the concert. GD in white hot pants was just the perfect sight and his transformation for Michael Jackson’s song in the middle nearly killed me! Imagine G Dragon dancing to MJ’s ‘Dangerous’!! He made a remix with Shine the light and Dangerous which just blew me off..


And right at 2.52 onwards I lost my precious eyesight! Was blinded for a few minutes! Just check the video to understand! Seriously whenever GD steps on the stage he changes and transforms into an epic entertainer! KUDOS!


4 thoughts on “‘Shine the light’ G-Dragon concert rocks!

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