Spice up your texts with K-smileys

SMILEYS- I know you love them. Sometimes a smiley is all it takes to settle things in this cyber world. I bet you have experienced it too.  You don’t need to explain that you are happy, Sad or angry! All you need to do is : ) , : ( ,:@ . If you are a K-Fan I am sure you have absolutely adored the cute smileys the Koreans use. Way more expressive than the usual smileys!!!

So I thought of sharing some of my personal favourites(Yeah that’s right! I use K-Smileys too!^^).

(^_^) -Smileeeeeee…Looks exactly like the cute chinky Korean eyes while smiling.

(ToT) – Crying….tears rolling down…sob sob

(@.@)- Confusion….The kinds of eyes we see in “Tom and Jerry” when tom gets messed up!

(Z_Z)-  Sleepy and  Sleep-texting!! 😀

d(^_^)b- Fighting(good luck)…my favooo favourite!!! Mind you d and b are not ears:D

(^_~) – *Wink, wink* :P:P

(?_?) – Clueless….

(*^_^*) (#^_^#) – Shyyyy..he he

(o.O)- Surprised!! OMG!!

\(^_^)/ – Cheering…HOOORAYYYY

V(^_^)v- Victory

(-_-) – Korean version of  (: | )

(^_^;) – Embarrassed …

OTL – Someone on their knees. This is for total depression or failure.


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