How can Idols turn into Actors? A success story!

It’s very common in K entertainment world for singers to turn into actors and actors to turn into singers. It is pretty much a mixed group there.

There have been success stories..and there have been not so success stories!!

One of the idol-actors who has had reaped loads of success is Micky Yoochun!!

Yoochun from JYJ not only excels in his vocals but is also considered a very good actor.

Yoochun started acting a long time ago in small roles but then his last three projects Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Miss Ripley and Rooftop Prince has pushed him to the limelight. He has received both popularity and best actor awards for these works.

Ok honestly out of these three drama I have seen RoofTop Prince. My opinion YES Yoochun can act! He did do a good job of the snobby King Lee!!

He reminded me of a combination of Lee Min Ho and Lee Seung Gi!!

Yoochun aint a veteran yet but he is getting there slow and steady..

Not all idols have had such a success story behind them.

Kim Hyun Joong previously of SS501 an Idol turned actor was not able to fare well as Yoochun. His drama Boys Over flowers where he captured many hearts as Ji Hoo. Though his looks hooked many femle viewers his acting left people wanting for more!! Yep Comeon Ji Hoo!!!!

When his next project hit the screen Baek seung jo emerged in “Playful Kiss” A drama which produced so many mixed responses!!

Some went “Eureka!! Ji Hoo has got better!!” and others were like “No improvement at all tsk tsk”

My opinion was Seung Jo is loads better than Ji Hoo!! Ji Hoo had looks but Seung Jo had both looks and brains *heehee both in the drama and his character portrayal* LOL!!!

With his new drama “City Conquest” on the way I just think that Kim Hyun Joong deserves another chance to see if Baek Mir can sweep us all of our feet with action !

Why do I think KHJ can pull it off?

Because one Idol who shifted to acting world and who was highly criticized but is now the golden actress of drama world is

Yoon Eun Hye previously of Baby Vox!!

With all the criticism she got at the beginning anyone would have quit and turned tail! But she stuck till the end and made it through!!

She proved it with many hits later. Anyone who has seen Coffee Prince will not be able to snub YEH again!! She has turned from an Idol into a successful drama Princess! GO MY CHAN!!!

Another gorgeous lady who has turned the tables on the critics is Yoona of SNSD.

Her lead characters in You are my destiny and Cinderella man was not a hit portrayal.

TO be fair Yoona looked way too young in YAMD as she was a teen. Certainly she was not ready for a role as a lead.

But in Cinderella Man Yoona had many melo scenes which came off flat because of her inexperience.

But in the recent drama Love Rain she showed a vast improvement.

From the awkward girl in CM she grew into a beautiful woman in Love Rain. Her cuteness did not over exceed and become sickly sweet. And her crying scenes were heart-wrenching!

She may still have a long way to go but I think Ha Na from Love Rain really showed how Yoona matured! Good for you Yoona!!

There are many more Idols who have turned into Actors!! And if anyone else catches the Gurus’ attention there will be a part two to this post LOL!! Also there is the other case of Actors turned Idols!! Ahh a post for the future?

But one thing I must point out is Idols have the worst killer schedules with all those variety shows,concerts,interviews and stuff. And I really appreciate all these Idols who have tried to branch out with their dramas and movies.

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