Park Shin Hye quits acting to study law?

Yes it seems that Park Shin Hye will become a law student in her new movie “December 23rd”.

Hahaha!!! From Idol drama You’re Beautiful to a love spy in Cyrano agency and then to a college girl in Heartstrings now Shin Hye is again back to movie world.

Shin Hye has already proved she can adapt to any role..

Right from the sad and lonely girl who yearned for love and yet shied away from love in “Tree of Heaven” to the blubbering and cute Go Mi Nam in “You’re Beautiful” to sophisticated Spy from “Cyrano Agency” Shin Hye has indeed proved she is quite a chameleon.

So can this cute actress pull off a law student.

According to the synopsis the movie is a melo!!

Law student Ye Seung aka PSH  has some bonding time with her dad in this movie.

What is that all???*LOL I can hear you guys and nope that’s not all!!*

Apparently her papa is also a mentally unstable patient. So Shin Hye is gonna have a tough time juggling both her personal and professional life. And this movie is about all the pros and cons of such a relationship!!

OH!!! So lets get our tissues ready!!

So is Shin Hye gonna go back to those tear jerking moments like she did with Tree of heaven!! We have to see!!

I believe Shin Hye can do a very good job!! LOL!! Let’s wait till Go Mi Nam comes back to silver screen !!

Park Shin Hye FIGHTING!!

Source: Koreanvibe


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