The Hunter turned Soldier- Lee Min Ho’s first sangeuk role

Our cute Gu Jun Pyo taking up another action drama, “Faith” right after city hunter. Only this time he from historical and we will be seeing lots of sangeuk(historical drama) actions. I know we all loved cheesy modern Lee Min Ho but time comes when man has to grow up and do historical roles.

“Faith” marks Lee Min Ho’s first Sangeuk. I don’t know when we are gonna finally run out of time-travelling historical drama. It seemed like yesterday we had “Rooftop Prince” and now we have “Faith” on line. I am not complaining! But something new and fresh would be nicer but I am still rooting for “Faith”.

The pilot episode of the drama is set to release on August 13th and the shooting for the drama is up and booming. To the fans delight,fist set of shoot photos(taken at Changwon) are released already and is a huge hit among the netizens. Min Ho fashions a long, wavy hairstyle tied up as pony tail. He plays a warrior who has come from Goryeo Dynasty to bring back a plastic surgeon(Played by Kim Hee Sun). The smooth curls suits him perfect and he looks pretty at ease. The armor gives a fresh new look of Lee Min Ho and looks so good on him. His personality is supposed to be innocent yet stubborn(Perfect to make him too hot).I hope the sangeuk character suits him…..We are waiting for “Faith” with faith.



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