Kim Hyun Joong- The Lucky Guy gonna “Heat” up Japan

Kim Hyun Joong has held hands with Japanese Band B’z for his next album with two songs “Heat” and “Lets Party”. This is his second album in Japanese. The Hot hallyu star teaming up with Japanese National musician has fired up great interest among the fans.

The album will hit the stores on July 4th. It is expected that Hyun Joong will show off a stong,masculine image through this album.This is a will mark a radiant transformation from his previous album “Lucky/Kiss Kiss” in which he had a bubbly “Bad Boy” image.This being said the teaser and preview for the first single “Heat” is already out and stirring up the netizens. The teaser promises catchy beats and magnetic lyrics. The teaser is set in a concert atmosphere and Kim Hyun Joong’s hairstyle looks really stylish.

For the promotion of the new album Kim Hyun Joong will be performing live on July 15th and 16th at Saitama Super Arena. On 14th he will be performing on collaborative stage with his soccer game pal, Naoto Inti Raymi. The performance on 15th will be hosted free with 32,000 fans. It is sure a great “Hyun Joong” treat for the Japanese fans.


The Album cover- Kim Hyun Joong fashions a dagger shaped pendent which brings out the aggressive masculinity.



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