Seducing Mr.Perfect!! – Review

Henney plays Robin Heiden, the new American boss at a multinational corporation who takes his assistant, Min-jun (Uhm Jung Hwa) under him and teaches her ‘the rules of the game’ when he discovers that she gets dumped too often due to her unassumingly trusting nature when it comes to men. I love the way the director introduced their meeting! It was perfect!

With the inclusion of Henney, on the up side of the writers, they did not make him speak lousy korean 😛 He is a plain englishman whose business brought him to Korea. Daniel…man! Love him! I would love to hear him speak Korean.. The story has Many loopholes though, and they could have made it better. Her use of English needs brushing up on. As usual, Uhm Jung Hwa proved herself as a good comedy-drama actress. There’s an undeniable chemistry shared between Min-jun and the often tacit, perceptive Robin that progresses on through the film with the requisite humour, good-natured tussle of emotions.

Mr. Perfect on the other hand can’t seem to follow the rules of his own game as he falls in love with the cute Min-Joon.  In the end, they got together!! 🙂

Rating: 4.9/5


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