What is hotter and sexier than a Man in Apron? A Hallyu star who cooks!

You would have heard of Jang Keun Suk’s many achievements! He is the most versatile actor. He is the owner of sexy voice. He is one of the current leading star in Hallyu wave!!

But did you know that he is an AWESOME COOK???

LOL!!! When one see this pic for the first time it may strike that he is posing for an advertisement..

You’re both right and wrong!!

Yes he is shooting for a promo pic!! But no this is not just any advertisement. Seem Suk is shooting pics for his own Cook Book!!!

What do you know??

This guy is just perfect!!

He sings,dances,acts and now COOKS??

Talk about perfect boyfriend material!! hahaha!!! He looks smexy in that leopard printed aprons!!

One may think this is just a joke!! But nope because Sukkie’s favorite hobby is cooking!! And he especially loves to cook for others!! Family and Friends! Can I go to Korea now to eat his food? 

LOL!! Since it looks like we all cant go to Korea, Suk has devised an easier plan. We can buy his cook book “Love Recipe” which contains awesome pictures of his *I assure you they are droolworthy*.

So along with Jang Keun Suk’s recipes you will have a personal feeling of Cooking with him due to those pics..

And Is there going to be a video of him cooking too? I saw this trailer..


Wow!!! What a delicious sight!

When you see these pics you will understand why the gurus had to put this post under Sexy 

Because what is more Sexier than Jang Keun Suk cooking for you?

LOL!!! The recipe book will be off the shelves soon I bet!! *Just wonder if there will be any cooking done with so many distracting pics teehee*

Credit: Tagged,uploaders in FB and weibo


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