Why is Fourteenth the favorite date for Koreans?

We all know that February 14 is Valentine ’s Day and is one of the memorable days of someone in relationship. But the Koreans have 14th of every month of the year except April  as an unofficial day of celebration for someone in relationship.

Jan 14Diary Day– Have you found someone so trusting that you can share you deepest emotions and secrets with him/her? Then is there a more perfect way than exchanging your diary? A diary symbolises one soul and one can only exchange  their soul with their soulmate!

Feb 14 Need I say more? Anyone who has lived long enough to the meaning of word “love”  will know 14th of Feb is Valentine’s Day.

Mar 14 It seems like the Korean women give chocolates to men they like on Valentine’s Day and the men return their love on “White day” by buying the women chocolates and gifts.

Apr 14– White is over! The next is Black Day! This is the only 14th of the whole year given to single people. The single people go out, freak out and have fun. “Being single rocks”

May 14Rose day– Rose has always been “THE” flower of the lovers. So this day the loved ones exchange roses.

Jun 14Kiss Day– My personal favourite 14th.  Who wouldn’t wanna kiss? #muwahhhh#

Jul 14Silver Day– It may sound materialistic but women loooove jewellery. It is defaultly coded in their DNA. So there is no better way to show your love than getting her something shiny and silver.

Aug 14Green Day– Sounds “Go Green” right? You take a day off and take your loved one to a stroll somewhere green and pleasant!

Sep 14Photo Day– Let this day be the most memorable day of the year with as many “clicks” as possible.

Oct 14 WineDay– “Wine” is considered exotic in Korea and having wine with your love of life makes the wine certainly exotic!

Nov 14 Movie Day– The first step in the “mission love” is lunch date with a movie and 14th is perfect for it!

Dec 14 Hug Day– The first thing that came to my mind when I heard the word “hug day” was A R Rehman’s “JIYA SE JIYA” MV where everyone shares free hugs. Hug him/her on this special day and feel the warmth of love!

Feautured Image Credits: Korea.com


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