Kim Hyun Joong-“Heat” Exclusive

The full MV for Kim Hyun Joong’s Japanese single was released yesterday within few hours of releasing the Teaser and PV. I was not expecting the MV so soon(I am not complaining). Thank you for the express release of the MV! As expected Kim Hyun Joong kept up a masculine image and I especially loved the hairstyle. The magnetic song was highly addictive and stuck on to every single cell of the body. The guitar tunes were going down my spine and caused goosebumps. Hyun Joongs vocals were perfect for the song- One can feel the charisma and passion in the voice. Kim Hyun Joong must have worked out real hard for this MV! His biceps were just WOW!!

The song kicks off with a trance beat with backdrop of KHJ in a concert with large crowd cheering him. The white Tee he is wearing makes him look classy and casual. The accent with which he sang the word “Heat” was adorable.The song had a strong electric guitar base which did its job in heating up the song! I expected a few dance sprints from KHJ but I guess the scenario of the song did not allow it.So I am a teeny bit dissapointed! The scene in the MV where KHJ turns down the heat by throwing water at the crowd turned the heat up more! 😀 Since the song was set in somewhat dark background I couldn’t see my cutie pie’s face much 😦 But that doesn’t keep me from watching the video over and over again.

Overall the song is WILD,HOT and TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!


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