3 Iron- “Scribbles

The mood of the opening music of the movie was somewhat a cross between slow thriller and a sad opera. The main lead, Tae Suk(played by Lee Seung Yon) does part time job in a pizza place. For someone who does part time jobs he has a pretty decent bike.As he take out his bike from parking, he encounters a business man in BMW. That must be their first meeting but there was a hidden hatred in the tension working on their eyes.

Tae Suk then comes to an apartment and starts picking the lock. (I first thought that it was his own house) Apparently this guy is homeless too(or is he a theif??)! The apartment kind of reminded me the apartment in the movie “My Little Bride”. Who knows, may be they are the same! The voicemail of the phone shows that the family has gone for a trip.He then washes up and relaxes as if it was his own house.

This guy has got some serious balls! He does not even find it weird getting used to someone else’s home. He fixes a broken toy gun, takes photographs, washes clothes ,watches television….Maybe he is used to this very much. The family returns and this is guy is gone like a magic. He sure is a pro! It is then we find that he really doesn’t work in pizza place or anywhere for that matter. He just goes to stick around bills in house to find which family is out of town(They wont take down the bill from the door if they are out of town). What an idea sirji!! This time he has gotten his hands on a great villa(A definite jackpot for him!). But alas! the villa was not empty. There was poor harassed women curled up in the corner of a room.

The woman,SunHwa watches Tae Suk getting comfortable but just remains a silent audience. For one second Tae Suk looks startled,I thought that he had seen her. But no he was just staring at her photograph. Meanwhile the someone at the voice mail apologizes. Then our guy does the usual -taking photos, washing, cooking,playing golf,repairing broken weighing machine…still unaware of the presence of another human soul in the house!

When Tae Suk finally finds out about the presence of Sun Hwa, he quietly flees the house not even bothering to apologize. But for some reason decides to come back. He finds Sun Hwa crying her heart out in the bathtub and switches on a soothing song in the Cd player to cool her down. He spreads out clothes for her and plays “passing the ball” game with her indirectly. This was weirdly sweet and feel good.
The business man returns and harasses Sun Hwa. Tae Suk punishes him by hitting him with golf bat and leaves the house without a word. Sun Hwa leaves the house and joins Tae Suk. He then continues his usual lifestyle only now with SunHwa on his side. They dont talk to each other but seem to understand one another perfectly!They stay in almost all kinds of house from magnificient condos to petty houses. They get caught in couple of occasions and the second time they were taken to cops.
The cops find Sun Hwa in missing person report and she was returned to her husband. Meanwhile the photos in Tae Suk’s camera prove that he was guilty of breaking into several houses and he was charged. Sun Hwa’s husband tries to act nice to her but she is more depressed than ever. Infuriated he decides to take revenge on Tae Suk and bribes the cops to bring him in. He hits him with dirty golf ball like Tae Suk did to him. Tae Suk is then taken to jail.He acts crazy there and often gets into fights.Sun Hwa’s husband tries to get intimate with her but fails.
Sun Hwa visits one of the houses she had broken into earlier and sleeps in sofa reminiscing her memories with Tae Suk. The folks of the house being good people let her be! She thanks them and leaves. Her husband brings up talks of moving out and she acts against it. Meanwhile we see someone visiting all the house she had broken into earlier. Everyone can sense someone but no one can see him/her. Only then we find only Sun Hwa can see Tae Suk and lives with him but others can only feel him. The return of Tae Suk into her life makes her happy and makes her say the only dialogue in the whole movie “Sarang Hae”(I Love You). The husband thinks it is for him. But in reality she says that to Tae Suk living inshadows.

A quiet Legend.

My Rating: 4.6/5


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