Idol Watch- EXO K

EXO corresponds “Exoplanet”- Planets outside solar system. This new planet has been orbiting k-pop for nearly two months now and their popularity is kicking off. This six membered idol group consist of Suho, Kai, Sehun,Baekyun, D.O and Chanyeol. Their debut album “MAMA” was a huge commercial success in South Korea. The group has a chinese twin group called the EXO M and the chinese version of the album was also a hit.

My first EXO K song was their title track-MAMA.When I heard the song somehow all I can think of was power(I cannot put in words what kind of power). I dunno why but powerful seem to be the only word suitable to describe any aspect of the song- clothes,concept,color,style,..YOU NAME IT.  The MV of the “Mama” has borrowed the groups own name for its concept- Yes! Alien concept. The visual was perfectly matched with the lyrics and they have used a lots of symbolism. You have to watch to watch the video atleast twice to understand the wholoe meaning of the concept. One of the best things about the video was the dance. The moves were too perfect and powerful.But believe when I say “Its worth it”.

Inspite of being around the k-pop scene for a brief time this amazing group have already performed overseas and are gonna be feautured in MBC festival in Europe. This marks the group first visit to Europe. To support them their fans have decided to take up the flashy JJL project- which targets to provide the EXO K supporters at the MBC festival with light sticks. We sure are up for a cool lightworks at the MBC festival.

This idol group has what a sucessful idol group need- stong vocals, stylish moves and dazzling looks. But to be a legandary group the need something more than that coupled with luck. Will they have what it takes to reach “THE SPOT”? We will see and keep an eye out for them.


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