Kiss Day’s Celebrity Charms

Well I know its a few days past the kiss day but the Celebrity charms I got that day still lingers in my mind. So I thought of taking it out on this blog.


With this photo IU tweeted, “I’m told that today is Kiss Day. I shyly tried to stick out my lips”

OMG Is that a pout? Its more than that….Its a cutie pouty pout. This young woman seem to grow pretty everyday. And those innocent pair of eyes are way too adorable and I am sure she(her photo) received millions of kisses without her even knowing!


Thank You Goognims for this pair of adorable Polaroids. These photos did their work a little more than perfect. The first photo was too witty and the “Giant pink lips” is one lucky dog! The buffoonery pose that Jay Park does in the second was too cheeky and weirdly sexy! Well if its his way of sending his love, consider it received.


The new rookie group VIXX’s N who is the supposed look-alike of Kim Soo Hyun with his fellow membe Ravi sends a Good Night kiss to his fans ““You guys, sweet sweet night~ N-night! Muah (^з^)-☆”Well “N” thanks to you some had VIXX dreams and the rest couldn’t sleep thinking of your kiss.


Awesomenesss!!!!! This was my favorite celeb charm on kiss day!I am sure some of you think I posted the wrong photo. I did too when I read the tweet,“Ok, I don’t know how to kiss but.. this is kiss for you MuUuuUuAhAhah” .I expected gonna see a hot pout. But No! Taeyung decided to post his “OH! PRETTY”(HILARIOUS!!! :P) photo and pass it off as a kiss. Well nice try time try to keep your tongue inside your mouth 😛 keke…

Kiseop tweeted “Today is!!! Kiss day!!!!!!!!! Um~~~~~~ah! >< I Love You~~^^” This is what a kiss day needs- the perfect puckering. A piece of advice to Kiseop-try to keep your luscious lips safe.

U-Kiss ;Kiseop;(On)Kiss day-PUN intended.

Choi Jung Hoon is too hot!My poor eyes are confused big time- should it focus the bare chest or the lips? It goes from lips to bare chest then to lips….A squint problem 😛


The upcoming rookie group BTOB’s Sungjae posted a pout with a tweet, “Hee…Hat” (What does it mean??)and Minhyuk posted “What is kiss day? Can you eat it?” Now now boy we all know that by “it” you mean someone’s lips ;).


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