My Little Bride! – Review :)

It was so damn funny to start with but it is a nice story and I wouldn’t mind watching it twice or thrice or even a million times.

It’s a story of a fifteen year old girl who is forced to married her 25 year old cousin. judging! They make such a cute pair! They fell in love eventually and live happily ever after as in all the romantic stories. Moo-geun young, she is great, expressive  and has an overflowing aegyo 😉 I really love a scene in this movie where she dances in front of a huge wall that she supposes to paint and kim rae-woo is very handsome *sigh*sigh*. Bouen is an innocent girl in the plot, supposedly she have to focused on her studies, sharing make-ups with her friends :P, shopping and she even has a crush on Jungwoo (the dream boy) but the singleness was over she have to fulfill her responsibilty as a wife. Same goes to Sangmin. He was an aspiring playboy who wants to have a lots of girlfriend but it seems the eligibility of being a bachelor was over.

The combination of the two hits off great.

Yet, the ending is too brief for me. A little more to the happily ever after would have been nice.

My Rating: 5/5 (I loved it!!!!)


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