Love Rain – Episode 4 “Scribbles”

Just when things looked like the only problem in In Ha and Yoon Hee’s love life was some agitated friends who were pissed that their best friend did not confess his love, things get worse.

Episode 4 opens with a slight flashback of our couple. How In Ha fell in love in 3 seconds and the events that followed. Their beautiful love and the hardships they faced were portrayed by soft tones which made one want to replay these moments.


As the episode opens we see In Ha and Yoon Hee are having a romantic walk. In Ha and Yoon Hee both say that they were just out on a walk and not meaning to see each other. *Yah!! Right we belived you! LOL* Then In Ha confesses that he missed her and Yoon Hee replied she too missed him. *Yep thats more like it!* Our shy In Ha takes her hand and leads her to sit on a bench.

They look so cute!! SIGH! Yet why do I find my heart breaking ?

Yoon Hee looks worried on seeing In Ha’s hurt lips *Lol! Chang Mo’s handiwork* and In Ha calms her down by assuring her that his friends will understand eventually. He then questions whether Yoon Hee went to the hospital because she was sick. Yoon Hee replies “No” *which is a total LIE!!I have A BAD Feeling!* and then asks sorry to him. In Ha doesn’t want to hear Sorry from Yoon Hee and quotes this line “Love means never having to say sorry”

In Ha wants them both to never say sorry to each other. Yoon Hee agrees and they seal it with a pinky promise. In Ha is very happy and says “I feel good”

Their cosy chat is interrupted by a sweet music. Inside a building they find some girls and guys dancing to music and our couple also dance to the same. *Sweet!! sniffle -_- Where can I find such a love?*

Some things which I found that looked like an omen in this scene. In Ha’s voice over “I couldn’t realize it then. How she was preparing for the end” Yes! We all know that their love is never meant to be and In Ha’s thoughts just prove it right. It does break our hearts that all this cute moments never become a reality. And in another voice over In Ha confides that he completed the lyrics of “Love Rain” and he will sing it to Yoon Hee.

OK!! Let us get back to reality. This is where the good stuff ends. Everything goes downhill from now. Prepare your hearts people.

Yoon Hee is abused and called a slut by her other virtuous classmates. *Typical!*

In Ha and Dong Wook fight it out in the tennis court. *Manly brawl for the lucky lady*

Hye Jung is raving mad and is out to seek revenge on Yoon Hee. *Girl I can understand your pain but the problem is not Yoon Hee it is In Ha. You never managed to turn his heart over in 3 seconds*

During the fight over her Yoon Hee runs to see In ha getting hit by tennis balls as he refused to fight with Dong Wook. In Ha never wants to put Yoon Hee as a wager. Chang Mo and Yoon Hee try to protect the shy hero which drives Dong Wook even more mad. Poor Guy!

He leaves in a huff after Yoon Hee steps in front of In Ha and stops him. YEY! Girl power woot woot!

Hye Jung extracts her revenge by presenting her trump card. She reveals that In Ha had indeed read Yoon Hee’s diary and thus knew more about her. Yoon Hee is shocked because she thought of In ha as her other half who completely understands her. Hye Jung “Did you really think it was fate? It was all deceit” Poor Yoon Hee must have also felt the same and she sadly leaves the place. In Ha tries to follow her but Hye Jung interrupts him.

So Eun Seo did a good job as Hye Jung here. She revealed her heart to In Ha and I felt bad for her.

Hye Jung, “I like you a lot too. It’s just not your love that is full of tears. So stop acting like you’re the only one hurt. I like you just the way you like her but why do I have to be the bad one here?”

Very true indeed. In a way Hye Jung is just like Yoon Hee. She is also loved by Chang Mo but she loves In ha deeply. But here Hye Jung’s love is not reciprocated which makes her turn bitter. I believe if In Ha loved her Hye Jung would not have turned into a bad person at all. But one can never tell one’s heart to love or not to love. Love Happens Hye Jung. Hugs!!

In ha follows Yoon Hee and when the national anthem is playing and he cant stop himself giving her a hug. He wants to hold her and comfort her. But Yoon Hee pushes him away and runs off.

We see In Ha walking sadly in the rain and Yoon Hee reading her diary and reminiscing. She looks sad as only memories of In Ha fills her as she reads her diary.

She reads In Ha’s note for her at the back of her diary. He thanks the diary for bringing Yoon Hee close to him and also he asks for forgiveness. He confides that his heart was sincere despite what the whole diary reading freak situation suggests. He never wanted to lull Yoon Hee into a false relation.

Yoon Hee also remembers the time when she asked In Ha about the diary. He was ready to give something but she interrupted him by worrying over the fact  that In Ha or anyone else may have read her thoughts. Hearing that In ha had immediately hesitated. She knew that In ha never meant to cheat her or play with her feelings.

Outside in the pouring rain a sad In ha begs to Yoon Hee that what he did was wrong but he was happy that her diary helped him to get closer. He repeats that his heart was sincere. He begs to her and asks her to believe him. *Why does JKS look so hot when he is all wet and looking sad with those soulful eyes?*

Yoon Hee wants to reach out to him but she is doubled over due to a coughing fit which end up in her spitting blood into the handkerchief.

I knew it!!!

Is it cancer or tuberculosis?

The doctor answers that it is the last stage of TB in a flashback! Ripped heart!!

Yoon Hee had always looked sickly to me. I thought mayb it was the 70s effect Nah!! Seems they wanted Yoona to look pale and sickly.

She realizes that she cant burden In Ha and leaves to her home town after a leave of absence.

Meanwhile Cest La vie are having a fight because Chang Mo is upset that they wont perform the Radio Show. He vents his anger out through a rebellious song which is banned. *Apparently Korea had strict rules regarding singing songs with influential words. Example: Drinking, Politics*

In Sook interrupts them and relies the news of Yoon hee’s leave of absence. In ha and others try finding why she left but it was not a successful mission.

Ok there is something curious going on about Chang Mo! He is met by some fierce looking people who questioned him about a certain song that he and In Ha had written. Chang Mo tries to defend In Ha.

Chang Mo and In Ha have some guy talk in their dorm. In Ha confesses that he will go look for Yoon Hee and Chang Mo is amazed. He also confesses about his travel plans to In Ha where he plans to go on a trip after the radio show.

In ha leaves to Yoon Hee’s hometown after getting blessings from Dong Wook *hehe I knew you were a softie Mr. Over-confident Lee*

He arrives in a picturesque village which is Yoon Hee’s home town. He finds that Yoon hee has gone out for a walk. He finds Yoon Hee in an elementary school which he assumes is her father’s old school. Yoon Hee is playing the organ beautifully.When In Ha surprises Yoon hee she starts running away from him but In ha pleads with her to listen to him. He asks for forgiveness but Yoon Hee turns it down saying thay In Ha did wait outside her class to give her diary back but she did not give him a chance at all.

She further breaks his heart by saying that she never felt any love for In Ha. Her feelings were never real as she only wanted to find a guy who understood her. In the end Yoon Hee revealed that she felt ashamed of using both In Ha and Dong wook and thus ran away in shame.

In ha doesn’t believe her and calls her reason as lies but Yoon hee pushes his hand away without listening to him and scoots. Poor In Ha with reddened eyes shouts that he will be waiting for her at the radio show and asks her to come.

How hard it must have been to Yoon Hee? She doesn’t want to be a burden to In ha and with her whole issue of TB how can she promise everlasting love? Her bottled up feelings burst out as she cries to her grandma that she will return to Korea after getting better treatment in USA.

Her zest to live and love can be seen in her tears. Poor Yoon Hee!! -_-

And then we come to the day of the radio music show! We have a reconciliation between Dong wook and In Ha. And Chang Mo receives a kiss from In Sook which makes him shy *such a cute pair kekeke!!*. In Ha and Hye Jung also have a truce.*yet she looks sad*

In Ha is anxiously waiting for Yoon Hee who is a no show till now. Cest la vie walk out on stage and In Ha explains about how he wrote the lyrics for Love Rain for a special girl. As they are about to start the song In ha sees Yoon Hee walking in. His face blooms on seeing her and he starts singing! What a SONG and in Suk’s voice opening it *_* !! I fell in love with it. And the PD did a good job by showing all the love pf the characters during that song.

In Ha and Yoon Hee’s fated love with so many trials. Dong Wook’s love for Yoon Hee which is tapped from his lost mother’s love. Chang Mo’s sincere and selfless love for Hye Jung. Hye Jung’s secret and fierce love for In ha. In Sook’s childish crush/love for Chang Mo!

I really love this scene and as Yoon hee’s eyes fill with tears so do mine. In Just 4 episodes I was able to see such varied types of love. So beautiful.

As they sing the next song we see some Police men enter Chang Mo/ In Ha’s dorm and ferret out some books which look like they are rebel materials! Hmmm!

After the song gets over Cest La vie get a sound ovation and they start leaving the stage when Chang Mo sees the policemen waiting to nab him. He runs away and also asks In Ha to flee. But In Ha is late to respond and is captured by the police. Yoon Hee panics on seeing In Ha captured and she has an attack of coughing fits and she faints.

Dong Wook sees Yoon hee faint and he runs to her aid. He finds Yoon hee’s coughed up blood and is horrified.

In Ha is jailed and Dong Wook visits him. He enquires after Chang Mo and Yoon hee. Dong wook lies that he doesn’t know anything about Yoon hee.

Meanwhile a runaway Chang Mo gets some help from Hye Jung for food, clothes and money.  He looks shabby but is still the same dorky guy who gives a hug to Hye Jung and runs away.

Yoon Hee asked Dong Wook not to reveal her health condition to In ha and promises she will return after getting better to see In ha. Dong Wook reluctantly agrees.

In Ha gets ready to leave for military service and everyone gives their farewell. Dong Wook then gives him a letter from Yoon Hee. Yoon Hee returned the watch which was In Ha’s gift and wrote a touching letter.

She thanked In Ha for a wonderful time. For protecting her from the rain, for singing her a song, for listening to her, for watching her favourite movie, for making her happy.. Yoon Hee thanks In Ha. She is also sad that she couldn’t say her good byes before leaving for America. She returned the watch because she cannot spend time with him. She also hopes that they can meet in the future.

Yoon Hee, “Thank you for everything. It was fun. I was happy with you.”

In Ha, “It was the last time. She left me a letter and disappeared from my life. However she never mentioned she was sorry in her letter. So I had always believed that this love didn’t end”

Poor In Ha!! He is crying rivers when he reads the letter. Her last words to In Ha. He notes that she never once said sorry and hopes that their love will not die. Dong wook finally breaks the silence and reveals that Yoon Hee left due to her failing health and she will be back. He asks In Ha to wait for Yoon Hee.

The train moves as “Love Rain” plays in the background and a tearing In Ha looks out of the window thinking of the lost love. And then as the train moves we see a frowning JKS with a camera snapping pictures of a snowy background! WOAH!! We are in 2012 judging from Suk’s ponytail and chained earrings *teehee love that hair and earrings..Girls he is gonna be a heartbreaker for sure!!*

Officially it is time for me to start my drooling session with the hot son Seo Joon!

What a way to shift from 1970 to 2012. If only a single train ride can give you a make over as cool as Seo Joon’s we would all be jumping into trains…kekeke!

The sexy photographer walks out on the pavement when he is hit by a bounding tornado in the form of a girl. Enter Yoona as Jung Ha Na!! Omg!! Totally reminds me of when In Ha and Yoon Hee banged into each other.

Mr. Sexy Joon looks annoyed and our cute and bubbly Ha Na apologizes. Way to start the relation when their parents kept going on about how love is never saying sorry. The first words exchanged between these two is sorry. LOL!! But as the parents weren’t successful their strategy must be wrong so let’s see how the young ones come up with a new formula.

And as Sexy Joon and Ha Na stare at each other we hear Suk’s voice “ONE TWO THREE”

 What an ending!! Am so excited!

Now getting back to my views on Ep 4! It was such a sad part with so much tears. I felt so bad for In Ha and Yoon Hee and wanted them to be together so much. My heart was paining for them.

Especially JKS crying for his lost love used up so many of my tissues. I really wish that things worked differently. But when I saw the 2012 leads gosh I was hooked. I cant recognise In ha or Yoon Hee in them. A 180 degree transformation which made me fall for them. I will ship these two for sure and fervently hope Ha Na is healthy as a horse because she looks like she needs it to battle it out with Sexy Joon! No TB for Ha Na PD!

Overall am very pleased with 1970. The acting was good from all even the smaller characters like In Sook. Yoon Hee could have been written more lively but maybe she is just that a beautiful apparition who will turn your heart over. And the cinematography with those lush scenery was mind blowing.

I know Suk is capable of acting well so I wasn’t much surprised by his portrayal of In ha. Though a shy and reluctant lover is different for Sukkie as I am more used to seeing HTK type snobs from him. Just shows JKS is really capable of portraying anything.

In terms of Dong Wook’s character I wasn’t much impressed with him but I will reserve judgement on Kim Si hoo as he is supposed to be in 2012 too. So Eun Seo as Baek Hye Jung was brilliant. She showed that love can also turn bitter if it is not reciprocated. Chang Mo aka Seo In Guk was a cute and adorable dork.

Will miss In Ha very much but onward to Mr Sexy Joon with those cool earrings!! FIGHTING!


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