Five reasons why ratings don’t work!

You are beautiful:

Goes with the name- beautiful drama with beautiful emotions. I cannot understand why it got such a low rating-You cannot even bear to skip a single scene in the drama. But the rating in no way resisted it from becoming an online hit. It is considered one of the best dramas ever.

Playful kiss:

Can you believe it? Baek Seun Jo and Ha Ni getting low ratings?Another drama which is an epic fail in ratings but turned out to be an online-grandeur. Playful kiss now many fans all over world (including myself) ^^

Love rain:

How can a musical passionate love story ever go out of style? When I say musical, I mean musical. The soundtrack was soothing and heart-touching.The story might be a little slow but you cannot rush a sweet love story.  Watch it;”Feel” it.(I did^^)

Lie to me:

Well the story was too predictable (So what?).That doesn’t make this drama “non-watchable”. Trust me sometimes watching predictable storyline also feels good. The main characters had such a wonderful chemistry and it has a epic kiss. Don’t wanna miss it right? 😉

Operation proposal:

I won’t say this is drama is unbelievable or best but it does not deserve such mediocre ratings too.(some say it is because it was broadcasted in a paid channel).  If you are a fan of sweet, warm, touchy stories you can surely give this a try. 


2 thoughts on “Five reasons why ratings don’t work!

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