Blow the Candles-2PM Nickhun

First things first-“saengil chukha hamnida Nickhun-ah”(Happy Birthday Hunk^^).

In celebration of his birthday,his fanclub “kobkhunkadotcom” donated five million won to multicultural children! Thoughtful right?

One enthusiastic fan said“Nichkhun said the most memorable gift from his fans was a certificate of donation. So we made a special donation to celebrate Nichkhun’s birthday. Because the celebrity we love not only shows a lot of interest but also participates in donation, we become more active and enthusiastic about donation and volunteer work.”

Sure a fanclub can be more than just a platform for loving our idols!If all the fanclubs could come up with something thoughtful as this fanclubs would become more meaningful and a valuable asset to the society!

Treat your eyes with the story of Nickhun-Check out!!!


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