Two great inspirational sageuk dramas!

For those who slept away the whole of your history class and left almost every chapter of the history book “in choice” for the exam, its never too late to give a chance to the history. I am not asking you to attend boring lectures or read 500+ page long dates and events. Watch sangeuk dramas!(historical). The might not be accurate on recording the historical events but can give you a better idea about history. This way history would be more fun than ever. A typical sageuk drama would have everything – breath-taking scenery, never seen before kind of mouthwatering food and clothes you would never wear in your life spiced on with revenge,romance,politics,pain and action.

If you are not a fan of sageuk yet, its never too late to start!

Two great inspiring k-drama(for women) to start with..(both of them have 50+ episodes). One is about a great queen and another is about a commoner(contrasting life yet a common goal).

The Great Queen Seon Deok- Considered one of the best of its kind. This drama has 62 episodes- Now now stop eye popping! Initially it was only 50 episodes but because of viewers desire it was extended to 62(So watch it before judging on drama length). Right from the first war scene till the end the queen surely captivates the viewers attention.

Jewel in  the Palace: 54 episodes of emotions of a woman- pain of losing parents,hardships as a slave, promotion to personal doctor, falling in love and caring as mother. Such an inspirational drama for women which shows the successful rise of a woman.


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