Whats up with HwaYoung and T-ARA?

A great amount of speculation is surrounding girl group T-ARA these past few days! Ad today one of the members Hwa Young’s contract was terminated and she was booted from the group. Though K Pop world is all glam and style there are many incidents which shows that the outer surface which shines and sparkles is not the entire issue at all. This is just the tip of the iceberg! Many controversies have existed where idols, actors, composers and MCs alike have been accused seriously leading to their brief hiatus.

In Hwayoung’s case there is an accusation that she was not that much determined and hard-working. Allegedly many T-ARA staffs complained that she was unfit for continuing as an idol and so the management decided to cut her off. Well its all right that the management gave Hwayoung a job and so they are also fit to take away the job but what really bothered me about this case was the attitude of the other members.

The remaining T-ARA members started to tweet messages which looked like they were blaming people who did  not have the confidence and determination and etc etc. One thing which popped into my mind on seeing their secret messages was “catfight” Why must idols indulge in this play? If you are not interested or do not like someone else better deal with it. But really to gang up on that said person is not right.. Even if the said person is wrong! The situation that Hwayoung faced is nothing new. Currently solo artist Jay Park was once the leader of 2PM before being accused for his honest comments about the hardships he was facing. Jay Park just posted about his hardships but some netizen had twisted his words thereby leading to him packing his bags. But Jay did not give up and is back as a solo singer who is quite successful and with a bigger fan base. Maybe T-ARA members were right to be angry but it is never right to air your views on social networking sites.

Though this is the darker part but there are some groups which stick closer than glue when such controversies strike em! I am talking about BigBang one of the greatest boy bands that have existed for nearly 6 years. Bigbang hasn’t been without its share of scandals. Right from their debut there have been ‘instances’ which makes me want to applaud them for their bond. 2011 was  not a strong  year for Bigbang. Daesung met with an accident where he ran over a motorcyclist and their leader G-Dragon was accused for smoking marijuana. Something which could have finished BigBang! But no they persevered and came out stronger. Here is what the youngest Seungri posted in his Me2day account after Daesung’s accident. “I want it to be 5 people ^^ for the rest of my life” along with this picture.. Sometimes guys have less to say but their words speak volumes! Girls will be girls and this comes from an expert who has been in a fair share of cat fights…LOL!!

Moral of the story: It is dangerous to have too many boys or girls in a group!



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