India is a “sunbae” for celebrity stamps-Korea has just entered with SNSD stamps.

What was the last letter…as in paper pen ink letter you wrote? Think….I am sure for many of you it was so long ago that you don’t even remember. But mail posts remains more personal than the thunder fast e-mails. With the postal services almost getting out of picture the girl group is promoting the postal service by releasing postal stamps sometime around August. I am sure the stamp collectors are ready for a haul! This is the first time Korea post has made a contract with a celebrity!! I am sure pop enthusiasts would think of writing more personal letters to their closed ones at least to get their hand on their stamp.


That’s when it hit me! Has Indian post released any celebrity stamps? I had a vivid memory of seeing Sivaji Ganesan stamp.But I was not sure of it.So I started to plunder google. And it turns out that India was well ahead of Korea in this matter. There are stamps of celebrity from very old times and the stamps were issued not for promoting postal service but to honor the artists itself.

Some of the famous celebrity stamps of India.



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