Super Junior- Sexy,Free and Single- Exclusive!!

Ever since the teaser was out I had been craving for thi MV ans finally it is out. After hearing the teaser I was expecting a Electro-pop kinda song. Obviously na? What with the robotic voice singing “Sexy, free and and Single”?? The MV has all the typical SuJu elements- Dazzling Choreo , Sexy stars and catchy beats. But a song as good as this deserves a better MV backdrop.  

The song kicks off with a strong house music(not the typical funky tone,Yay!) and all the members are gathered in half circle. I have mixed feelings about the start. We all love this classic start but it is becoming too cliched. It is time they come up with something new. SM entertainment did a really good job with concepts and backdrops EXO MVs. But I can’t complain much because all the negative elements are driven away by SuJu charms. The SuJu’s had such a good vocals which blended perfectly in the electronica genre of the song.

The main plus of the song was the outfits and makeup of the SuJus.

The first thing that came into my mind on seeing Siwon like this was what a perfect vampire he would make. I dunno whether it was because of the grey background or his black coat or his perfectly carved features.

Out-of-the-World choco abs posing like “come take me”..Do I need to say more?

Looks like the God of good looks has come alive. That piercing gaze and sexy attitude!  Also those cheesy pair of sunglasses he wore in this MV made him stand out.Eunhyuk…way to go!

Shindong looks like he is gonna hit someone! The hardy boy look suits him!

Back from army! Well he did not have much lines but we are glad he is back!

Leeteuk!! A leader is a leader! Looks, attitude and vocals!! picture perfect!

I totally loved this “flying” part, mainly because it was the only sharp turn in otherwise dull concept. Also the flying goes with the title “free”.


The ELF rating of the song would be 5/5 but a critique rating can be no more than 2.5/5. SM entertainment please come up with better concepts next time!


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