K Drama Kisses Part 1 – The Hottest and Sexiest!!

Here are some Korean Drama kisses which are the best of the best! K Drama kisses have the norm of just a peck! But rarely some kisses just rock the viewers world by being the ultimate kisses. I have just shortlisted 5 here along with Pics and Video. I know there are more. But lets just say this is part 1 of a never ending list LOL!!!

Cola Kiss from ‘Lie to Me’

Whatever be the script or ratings Lie To Me is always special to me cos of the Cola Kiss!! Yoon Eun Hye and Kang Ji Hwan just playfully run around spraying Cola on each other and then they KISS!!! A kiss which was so unexpected yet fantastic. A tasty kiss indeed!

And here is a collection of their Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye’s kisses from Lie To Me! All are hot! But Cola Kiss is UNIQUE!


Fountain Kiss from ‘Love Rain’

A kiss which shows how a man must lead the kiss! If only Ha Na was not so innocent! But Jang Keun Suk completely covered up Yoona’s innocence by even taking her role in the kissing. Yes Yoona does evolve during the later part of the drama where both kiss fervently but this is my best kiss from Love Rain because Sukkie aptly describes how to eat a girls lips! Teehee..lucky Yoona!


Fountain Kiss has three stages starting from a slight peck to deep action!! Here is the video..


 Kiss me senseless from ‘Flower Boy Ramyun Shop’

How does a Man stop a confrontation especially when the girl is freaking mad at you? Ask Jung Il Woo!His answer Kiss em senseless And that is what he did to Lee Chung Ah in Flower Boy Shop ! He stopped her flow of angry words with a hot kiss !! God!!! He sure can kiss!! Cha Chi Soo you’re forever in my boyfriend-to-be list!

The Kiss me senseless video!!


Confession Kiss from ‘Coffee Prince’

Coffee Prince is one of the greatest work of Yoon Eun Hye and Gong Yoo!! Yep YEH did a good job with cola kiss but in my eyes I think YEH has more chemistry with Gong Yoo. This confession kiss is one of the best I have seen and it was actually between two guys based on the plot. Awesome work by both! I like all the kisses in Coffee Prince especially those bed scene kisses looked natural but this kiss touched me more cos it was a perfect confession kiss! Cos most drama I have seen have a chaste peck as confession kisses! Gong Yoo go get em!!

Steamy Kiss scene collection from Coffee Prince!


It was very hard to decide the final kiss cos there was lots of choice but I give this Kiss as the final Sexiest K Drama Kiss!

Wedding night Kiss from ‘Secret Garden’ 

Secret garden was filled with kisses! But I select this as the hottest of em because Ha Ji Won takes the lead here!! Teehee!! Girl Power FTW!! It is refreshing to see a woman ambush her hubby on her wedding night and not just any hubby but BINNIE that arrogant and handsome businessman! So for the feisty woman on top I select this as the hottest kiss!

And when I was searching for this kiss I found a BTS/Making of this kiss. The angle of the shot is on the other side. I love that Binnie looks like he has been kissed senseless at the end LOL!!! Cheers!YEY!! Go Ha Ji Won!


There are many more Hot Kisses in K dramas which I may have missed. Sorry if I havent included your favorite one but keep watching they may get added in a different category in future parts !! LOL!!!!

Some of my other favorite HOT kisses are from dramas like Playful Kiss, Iris, Mary Stayed Out all night, Goong and many more~~ But no worries Will add em in the future kekeke!!! Until them kiss your days away LOL!!


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