Oh My Lady- Episode 1 “Scribbles”

Spoiler Alert!!! D not read if you don’t want us to reveal the surprises that come ahead.

[opening scene] A guy running in slow motion besides a railway track and a girl waiting to leave town. Cliché,right? Well that’s what I thought too. But we are fooled by the soulful song and the slow motion run! It is a drama shoot and Min woo(Choi Si Won) is the lead actor(a terrible actor for that matter..Si Won has acted funny in purpose..lol). The director knows he cannot act but could not say anything because Min Woo is the STAR! Everyone just adores him though he does not make the cut. He is cute..a good kisser..personally I don’t care either..keke.

Next scene we see two ladies(in their early thirties) hiding  in a car waiting for someone(By the looks of it someone who owes them money). They almost missed her but one of them(Miss Yoon) manages to catch her.  She demand her the money that lady owes for Yoon for having worked in her diner. While demanding she keeps using the word “ahjumma” (I think this is because  we should know that Yoon is pretty old as she looks a little young). The lady does not speak anything and hands some money to Yoon. She is shocked and does not even look at the money. That decent lady had cheated Yoon(has given 500000 won instead of 5 million won) and slipped away.

Dejected both the ladies goes to have some snacks. Yoon’s friend drools over Min Woo in the shop’s TV. But Yoon just ignores her by telling that he is a terrible actor. But her friend(like me)  doesn’t seem to care. The friend’s husband calls her home and they both part away. Yoon’s friend and her husband have long distant relationship.(Hard to handle,right?)

[fashion show] OMG Min Woo looks good in all the outfits(He is a natural!). I an interview Min Woo says that as he gets older and older he is attracted to “conversation type” girl rather than a hot girl. Also he says that he is currently reading Paulo Coehlo’s “Alchemist”. Later we find that it was all a lie and he prepared beforehand to lie(All stars are like that?). We also find him playing games while his manages does everything for him. Min woo is also not willing to take up challenging acting role and wanna look cool(as he is now). So in short this guy is totally immature and has looks and looks only.

Meanwhile Yoon is looking out seriously for another job(without degree or  experience or any expertise).Poor Woman. She tells her friend(over phone) that her chances of getting selected are slim. But luckily she gets slected for a job with a fat pay with one condition- “She should not reveal for whom and where she is workin”.( Well from this I kinda guessed where she was gonna work)

Yoon gets to work as a housekeeper in posh apartment but she couldn’t find anyone there. So she figures that they must have stepped out. So she quietly does her job and while doing so comes across a big photo of Min Woo hung in the bedroom. She comments that he is handsome(while Min Woo enters the room).Yoon gets shocked and thinking he is a thief creates a racket and ends up hitting him. She then apologises and he forgives her. She makes him mixed fruit juice(so mom-like) and he likes it.

While working Yoon keeps looking at Min Woo like she was gonna ask him something. Min Woo figures that she was gonna ask his autograph for her kid and offers to sign one. But she says that she was not gonna ask hfor his sign (Poor guy looks shocked as though he is hit..lol) but says that her friend(ahjumma too!) is a great fan of him. OMG this guy is way more than shocked. All Yoon wanted to ask him was about another actor(Man! she hit him right on his ego spot!).

Min Woo walks in shirtless and hand her a shirt for ironing. She is startled.(So am I!! Wow! Six packs alert!!). So she starts ironing the shirt and that’s when she gets a call from her kid telling her that they are thrown out of their house. That poor lady leaves in hurry after apologising to Min Woo. But she does not notice that she has ruined the shirt since she left the iron on the top of it!

Yoon pleads with the land lady to give her more time in vain.Yoon being a good mom as she is does not show her helplessness to her daughter and buys her meat, takes her to public bath(since they have nowhere else to go!) and even plays with her in sauna! Later she subtly tells Min Ji(the kid) that she has to live with her dad for some time. But the dad is reluctant to take Min Ji saying that he is newly wed(My Foot!! I am keeping the rest of my vocabulary to myself) but gives in finally. Even Min Ji is not that excited to live with her dad. But owing to their situation goes to her dad’s place. Yoon then manages to find a room in a motel.

In Min Woo’s fan meeting he is about to open up his coat and then it hit him- It is ruined. So he opens up the shirt and shows off his six-pack instead(Good thing the shirt is ruined!). Later he is confronted by a stalker paparazzi(I hate them! Cant a star have a peaceful personal life?) . After he gets into his cxar his manager tells him not to look at his fellow actress Chae Yi much as she is intelligent and would not be interested in him. Min Woo (Not even knowing that his manager is hinting him that he is a dimwit) asks his manager what is wrong with him?

Yoon is fired from her next job as housekeeper too as the family is moving. Feeling down she walks down the street when she gets a call of offer from “The show company”.  The Show company is a musical art  company run by  the director,Si Jun. Mr Eum from a rival company tries to steal all the gigs if The show company. The musical art company suggests that if Min Woo is casted they might get investments for their show and adds his name in the presentation of the musical. The investor asks them if they have means to cast Min Woo and Su Jun says he could only if they double the investment!(Nice tactic!)Si Jun goes out to get some air. There he sees Joon preparing ardently for her interview speech.

The company was actually searching for a young intern and there was a misunderstanding and Joon entered the scene instead. But she says that she would do anything for the job. But the assistant mocks her by saying that all they need was Min Woo. She tells that he is not good in acting and in real life was mean spirited. The company couldn’t believe that she knew him and Si Jun tells her that if she could get Min Woo act in their musical she would be hired. She looks stunned and the episode ends.

The episode was not bad for a first episode; Not too boring and not too fast. I was totally lost in Si Won’s six packs!!*drooling*

My Episode rating: 4/5


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