Show Stoppers – Dream High ‘Return of the Outcasts ‘

Hello K fans! This section is gonna focus purely on those show stopping moments in K dramas and movies which has made many of us gasp and hold our breath. Some dramas have many such moments and some have a unique scene which never fails to leave our mind even after watching countless other dramas.

Today I would like to describe a show stopping moment in Dream High. 

I really adore Hye Mi in Dream High.. Though she may seem like she is a bit wooden and unfeeling towards others I think that she was the sole reason for the success of the outcasts’ class. She was also the woman behind the success of Singer K aka Song Sam Dong.

The gasp filled moment for me in Dream High was the Dance choreo in EP 8. The successful Group K band members return to Kirin academy and what do they find?

Those ‘talentless’ outcasts they left behind had blossomed into quite the performers. Seriously love how Hye Mi and Sam Dong danced..

The last spin and twist was daebak!!My mouth was open at that time.. LOL!! Just like how Baek-Hee is shocked am sure many of us were stunned by the choreography of this wonderful couple!

Dream High FIGHTING!Love Hye Mi and Sam Dong’s at the end. Looked like they were asking “Aren’t we the best?!” YES YOU ARE!



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