Meet My Dream Husband- Baek Seun Jo!!

A non-geek Genius doctor, talented cook with handsome features-every girl’s wildest dreams. You can just drown in those dreamy eyes and pretty smile. Seun Jo sure is a pretty good boyfriend material but what about husband? To be a husband a guy needs more than just good looks and brain- care and affection. *BANG* Baek Seun Jo-Do you have what it takes to be a marriage material?

What is Baek Seun Jo-the husband like?

I know Baek Seun Jo can be a number one jerk when it comes to the girl he likes. But everything he does is like a Kindergarten child pulling the hair and teasing the girl he likes. Looks like Baek Seun Jo was totally immature when it came to relationships. That does not mean he would be a awful husband- He does his best when it comes to his wife;He learns his part and grows up(and old with her).

What are the things that would make you want him as your husband?

He would want you to take you to a romantic place you like honeymoon but would act like he doesn’t wanna go and make you beg for it.

He looks breath takingly handsome in wedding dress.

He doesn’t cheat on you with other women.

He would carry you even though you are heavy.

He would lie about not wanting to register your marriage just to make you work hard and pass in a difficult exam.

Living with him would be living with someone who knows you top to bottom- can guess your every move; your every thought!

He would be jealous(a little bit) because of people who like you(though you don’t like them back!).

He would help you prepare for your exams.

He would wait for you even if you are really really really…late for your dinner date.

Most of all he has the coolest mom in the whole world!

What made him perfect for Oh Ha Ni?

Normally IQ is inversely related to EQ. So a person who does whatever their heart says is a EQ topper and a IQ dummy like our Oh Ha Ni.  From the way Baek Seun Jo treated Oh Ha Ni at first we can say he was a zero EQ. But Oh Ha Ni fed him her EQ like he shared his IQ. You can say it is opposite that attracts or each one filled in what the other one lacked but all in all they were perfect for each other. 


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