SNSD’s Glam look for Watch CF

SNSD Girls’ Generation are the current endorsers for Casio Baby G watches and the behind the scene videos of the photoshoot was released.

Just one word! GLAM! The 9 girls sported glittery and chic outfits and the watches blended so wellwith them. Some of those girls had a cute cuddly look like Seohyun and Sooyoung who were adorable while some others anchored the sexy womanly look. Yoona with her glittering black dress which had sparkly white stones and sequins complemented her white watch perfectly.

Another part of the CF also had them wearing cute sports outfits. Aiming for the cheerleader look?

A nice contrast between sports wear and party wear! Guess they wanted to highlight that the watches are multipurpose LOL!

As always I loved the concept of Korean CFs! They never fail to amaze me with the thought and hard work they put into their ads. Their ads always have a polished look!

In this CF the last screen showing the 9 girls and their corresponding watches just made our choices even more difficult. In short I loved all the watches and would love me some Baby G if they are not outrageously costly!!



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