Show Stoppers – Heartstrings ‘Shin is crying’

Heartstrings was all about the love between two who started out as complete strangers but became soul mates. Lee Kyu Won was just another normal girl who was irritated by Lee Shin and was always bullied by him. Lee Shin had a passionate love for his teacher who was someone that had a traumatic past.

Kyu Won hated Shin’s guts until she saw him sing. He magically transformed in front of the mike and this transformation trapped her until she was falling for him irrevocably. But Kyu Won did not accept her feelings until this scene…

Shin faced by his father’s death was crying alone under the pouring rain. Though his teacher did not like his romantic interests she couldn’t ignore his sad presence. She stopped her car and offered him an umbrella and asks him to go home. But his pain on losing his father is too much and he leans on her shoulders and starts crying! Poor Shin! Seriously heart breaking!

But what realy made me remember this moment for long was Kyu Won’s response on seeing Shin crying on the teacher’s shoulder.

She thinks

Shin is crying.. I wanted to run and tell him before anyone else… “Are you okay? It’ll be okay.” Right now Shin is in someone else’s arms. Not mine… someone else’s

Poor Kyu Won! Her suppressed feelings all burst out on seeing him seeking comfort from someone else. She realized that she wants to be the one to hold him and help him overcome his sorrow!

A confession by Kyu Won to herself..This moment could have just ended flat but Park Shin Hye did justice! She made viewers realize that they could see Kyu Won’s pain and self-realization! Kudos Shin Hye!



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