What makes “Gumiho” an adorable pet?

I know eveyone wants a friendly pet right? Well our gumiho is verrry friendly. HOI HOI!

Got into a accident and broke your neck? Fell off the roof for fun and hurt real bad? Don’t worry! Your pet gumiho will give her her bead for healing you! 

Her tails are really cute and shiny(erm..not ShinEE). I know girls love anything that shines..what about guys?

You don’t have to break your head on what to feed her. As long as you are blessed with  infinite supply of meat(Beef the better) you don’t have to worry. She loves anything that has a hint of meat in it- Ice creams in meat color, dog bones with meat smell or simply meat..LOL.


And if she is really hungry she eats almost ANYTHING…face cream,toothpaste..you name it!


It rains when she cries. But don’t be an ass and make her cry for rain. If you wanna get drenched just hit the showers!

Your lips light up when she kisses(I know its because of the bead still…)…awwwww..Its magical!!


She loves you passionately but can be a little too forward(if you know what I mean.LOL)

The Gumiho is incredibly beautiful and innocent. Statement closed. *I can hear guys rushing to market to get hold of a gumiho* Sorry guys availability can be an issue.keke

Finally one and only reason for GALS to keep gumiho would be—–> the monster hunter would come for her and you can drool over him<probably marry him>


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