Idols’ Specialty corner – SeungRi BigBang!

The baby of Big Bang is not just known for his cuteness and candid humour! He is also known for his Panda Eyes.

Many of us would have had some worst experiences with eye bags and dark circles. But SeungRi has always had this ‘problem’ which is even incurable by plastic surgery! But those eye bags earned him the name of Panda  among his fans. He is well known for his Panda eyes which has become his trademark that even Big Bang Cartoon featuring SeungRi have eye bags!! awwww so funny!

So this is what it means that ‘Every cloud has a silver lining’

Here comes Panda chibi! 

And his cute Panda eyes photos collection!

Oooh!! Panda’s selca!


So funny Panda petting Panda! I love the cute Pandas!!


And as a bonus here is serious Panda and equally serious Big Bang’s leader G-Dragon! Lol love their tandem!


Credit of pics: as tagged and uploaders


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