Hopes up for “The Beautiful you”- Korean Hana Kimi

Hana Kimi- Sensational manga which was made into three drama adaptations with the 2007  Jdrama quoted the best. The only thing it missed out was a korean version and now it gonna surface the korean adaptation with ShinEE’s Choi Min Ho and f(x)’s Sulli.

Some of the things I hope will not be different in this version(in comparison to 2007 JDrama)

The Gay doctor- There are talks of probability that the doctor might not be gay in this version. But that would mean it will miss one subtle yet substantial comic element.

Nakatsu- I ardently hope they keep the Nakatsu character untouched-Hilarious yet classy.

Some of the things I think will be different in this version are

The episodes count- absolutely; I felt the Japanese version was too short since the story has ample amount of plot line. The classic “16 episode” drama would be better for the story line- maybe a little bit more about Ashiya’s past. But I hope the script writed don’t jump into new subplots- the storyline is best as it is.

I think the Sano and Ashiya romance will be volumed up a little-Its a Korean drama and people expect more romance.

There are speculations about a female rival which was one thing that was missing from “cliched” korean drama mix. I dunno whether I am ready for another classic “male lead” fight between the girls.

A better character development for Sano- There was no “meat” to the Sano character other than looking hot and handsome. I hope they pull off a better Sano in Korean version.

The school is named “Genie Athletic High School”- Athletic!! So I think there will not be a performing arts department in the school.

The Only One thing I am not sure whether I wanna watch again or not is

The unrealistical situations and logical loopholes- I should completely bury my entire brain to watch some of the scenes. But some scenes though unrealistic were hilarious and had a magic touch. 

 What is having my hopes up?

The male lead seem to be pouring his heart into the character-  getting trained for the high jump from Coach Kim Tae Yeong and all that! Also he makes the perfect cut for the character.

Like in all the other versions’ female leads Sulli does have little boyish looks with her- She has cut off her hair which has toned down her feminine looks a bit! But she does not have the “Yoon Eun-hye” kind of boyish looks.


 The drama pair up Boys Over Flower’s director Jeon Ki-sang  with  High Kick trilogy’s Lee Young-chul-That raises the level of expectation it already has!

The Drama will be airing on SBS replacing the series “Ghost”.



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