Red Carpet Spot- Ye Eun- Oh My Lady!

Yeah! That’s right the adorable kid from “Oh My Lady”. She stole my heart right from her entry. It is a pity that she seldom spoke all through the drama- Still I would say she was a silent speaker.

Everything about the cutie pie was cute-Even the micro things like crossing her legs to show that she has to pee. At the start of the series all I see was the sadness in the child’s eye. It nearly drove me to tears. Seeing her made me realize how lucky I was to have my parents. She had both her parents living yet she was abandoned! How can the mother even bear to abandon that pretty little thing. She must really have a heart for stone- May be that’s why they did not show her face in the whole drama!

I can only imagine how terrible the child would have felt when she was thrown out by her dad(played by SuJu hottie Choi Siwon) the first time she meets him. Also aftermath he was raising his voice over that sweet kid who was too afraid to speak. I would have felt happier if the child has spoken a little more towards the end of the drama!

But somehow she managed to melt her dad. How can’t she? She had this innocent face for which even the wildest of animals would be tamed.

When she got lost in the store she almost gave a heart attack to her dad. That was the time I felt that “blood runs thicker”. The moment when she is found and looks at Min Woo and smiles, Wah! It gave me goosebumps. It is the best scene in the whole drama!

This cutie pie was also a smarty pants. At once she realized that her dad was not gonnna scold her for anything- she started acting naughty! It was so refreshing and charming to watch her play with her dad and to find that Min Woo’s fatherly instincts were finally surfacing.

I was only content after her happily ever after ending with her father.

Ye Eun made me realize that marriage was not some joke and parents had to try their best to get along putting their misunderstandings aside when there is a child involved. A child always needs their parents.

Thank You Mom and Dad! I love you! You Rock \m/


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