Some “Warm Korean Love Movie Blankets” to keep you warm!

My Little Bride:

The movie which made me fall in love with the “concept of love”.  Cute story with a extra humor flavor and a immediate heart thief. Watch it; I can guarantee you will love it!

Millionaires first love: 

This is my all time favorite. But I must warn you please do not watch this movie when you are already depressed or in blue mood. It is a beautiful yet sad love story.

200 pounds beauty:

When it comes to chick flick- Ugly duckling turning into swan and swooping away prince charming kind is my personal favorite. A girl getting a makeover and turns into cinderella- every girls dream! This is one of the finest in the romantic comedy kind.

100 days with Mr Arrogant:

Sunny and upbeat- This movie keeps you engaging and is such a fun to watch. But if you are against toilet humors  or those humors that makes you cringe your nose- you can keep this movie off your list.


Innocent Steps:

A visual tour into the life of a struggling yet talented dancer. Everything about his dull life changes when she enters his life. Innocent steps is a cute feel-good love story with some the stereotype sweet scenes. So if you wanna take your mind off from the exasperation of a hectic life with a soft movie this is the right spot. And if you are a dance lover look nowhere- Innocent Steps is your next stop!



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