Greatest Love- Episode 1 “Scribbles”

DO NOT READ if you don’t want us to break the surprises that come ahead!

The life lesson I learnt from the first episode of the “Greatest Love” is how cruel time can be to life. One second you at the star of the town and the next second you are cast away as a dump. This first episode was a kind of extended introduction to the lead roles and their lifestyle- Implying how unlikely they are to fall for each other!

The episode starts with the girl group “Treasure Girls” performing in a music show in one corner of Korea and somewhere around a doctor is hearing the performance during the heart surgery. He feels that their song “THUMP THUMP” might make his patient’s heart go “THUMP THUMP” too. The treasure gilrs win the music show and the leader Gu Ae Jung is asked convey a few words. But she couldn’t- Happy tears were rolling down her cheeks and so does it for the rest of the group. The crowd are cheering them and asking them not to cry! Gu Ae Jung thanks the fan crowd for their support and promises to do well in the future.*CROWD CHEERS* And it was “Happily Ever After” for the treasure girls FOR NOW.


It was a variety show for the rookie artists –“If I tell I will do it,I will”. I midst of rookies we see Gu Ae Jung, the former treasure girls’ leader in poor clothes, drained of all her past  charisma. She takes part in the variety show as a past idol but fails in all the tasks and is pushed to the last place. There was only one more task left and only if she completes it she would be called for the next week’s show. The task was eating noodles while riding in a roller coaster- the worst and possibly yucky task ever. Don’t these people know the basic workings of digestive system and general law of physics(How can the noodles stay in the plate while the roller coaster is running?). But by her determination and desperation Gu Ae Jung finishes her task!! FIGHTING!

Meanwhile the screening of the action movie “Fighter”(starring Dok Go Jin) is screened. At first there was a positive reaction from the crowd for the star and his stunts. But too much of anything is…That’s right too much of the action in the movie bored the audiences to death. Even the manager of Dok Go Jin was happily napping near him towards the end. This does infuriate him but somehow he manages to hold himself and gives a “pretend” happy speech. Good thing he knows how to act! Good times from the past seem to have fallen down for Gu Ae Jung! She does not act like a star and has her brother for her manager. But on the other side Dok Go Jin is at the peak of his career. Just because he rejected a drama- the drama was a total failure and he was looking forward for a Hollywood  Peter Jason project. To make the odds in favour for him he even sent a gift of wine to peter.

Dok Go Jin’s classy van stops next to Gu Ae Jung’s cheap ride in a gas station. Gu Ae Jung is having a indigestion because of having noodles in roller coaster and waits for her brother/manager to bring her cola. She steps out of her car for some fresh air. She sees the celebrity van and tries to peek a look on who was inside the van. A fan looks at the celebrity van and Gu Ae Jung standing besides it and concludes that she must be a star. Gu Ae Jung senses this and starts to goof around pretending to be star. Dok Go Jin notices this and gets irritated and pushes Gu Ae Jung(who was now leaning on his van) away with a rolled paper.

Gu Ae Jung apologises and tries to greet him. But Dok Go Jin behaves haughty and arrogant. They get into a trivial fight- she calls him “ahjussi”(term for old man), he pokes her with rolled paper, they start having a mini-wrestling through the van window and finally he ends up twisting her hand and signing his autograph on it. Doing so he leaves while Ae Jung is still shouting at him. Gu Ae Jung asks her brother whether he recognises the signature but he doesn’t. Then we are shown a  billboard just behind her with the same signature and Dok Go Jin’s photo. People do fail to notice the thing they need when it is right next to them.

When one of the treasure is pushed down another is sprung up to the “super star” status. Intoducing Kang Se Ri- fashion icon and top star.Anything she wears instantly becomes fashion. Kang Se Ri and Dok Go Jin are dating for the cameras only-two top stars pretending to be in a real life romantic relationship. They have to act like couples before the cameras- This somehow reminded me of the variety show “We Got Married”. Both of them have mutual hate for each other but still pretend to have romantic dinner and blah blah blah!The second main lead Yoon Pil Joo, a doctor of oriental medicine with no knowledge of celebrity world enter the drama scene with him having a blind date in the same hotel as the two top stars.

In contrast to Gu Ae Jung’s tiny household where everyone is a failure in their career(she in show business ad her sibling and dad in gym business) Dok Go Jin is living in the lap of luxury. He has standardised scheduled lifestyle and does every little thing in organised manner. He even has a handy watch type heart rate monitor.

Dok Go Jin goes through all the negative reviews he got for his movie in his tablet and gets angry. Finally he decides to hold his trust on the upcoming Hollywood project.Sad Gu Ae Jung seems to have failed in the roller coaster challenge too(poor Gu Ae Jung). I thought she has completed it. Apparently she had spilled some noodles. But hello noodles spill when eaten in roller coaster..basic physics!! Her brother/manager consoles her.

Someone says candy aritists and Gu Ae Jung looks up. She greets the colour clad girl group as “Hello Kids”. She tells them that she was known to them and was a senior and wanted to greet them. But they haughtily ignore her. She is hurt a little but advices them to greet others. A man who looks like their manager gets irritated by Gu Ae Jung but doesn’t show it out. He asks the girls to greet her. But before leaving that guy hints that Gu Ae Jung was not worth lecturing them as she was the same when she was young.(Ofcourse everyone acts like that in their teen. But they group up Mr.Grumpy!!)

Mr Grumpy’s name is Jang-Manager Jang. He does not like GuAe Jung because he thinks Treasure Girls broke up because of her. Gu Ae Jung has borrowed a expensive scarf from her friend Jenny to wear for radio broadcast in the afternoon. She bumps on Dok Go Jin and HOLA! He is wearing the same scarf! HA HA! He doesn’t seem too pleased about it! So he leaves irritated without shaking hands. (Well that’s what happens when you hit the star on his ego).When he reaches the green room the first thing he does is- ANY GUESS?- throws away the “ego hitting” scarf and scolds his poor manager! Meanwhile Gu Ae Jung checks herself out in the mirror and finds the scarf missing.  Jeez… She has accidentally left it in the loo and it was all wet.(Now how is she gonna return it?) She starts crying out  to her brother.Just then it hit her the scarf designers would not fret much if the same mistake is done by a top star. So she decides to switch it!

She sneaks into the green room and switches it. She apologizes to his coat for switching scarves. Just when she was about to leave Dok Go Jin returns. Her brother tries to hold him up a bit. She hides herself behind clothes as he enters the room with the manager. The manager asks him to tell the producers that his eardrums are hurting during the episode shooting. But Dok Go Jin says that he does not like others knowing that he was accident porne. When he asks his manager about the Hollywood project, he gets to know that he was rejected because his English was not good.

Dok Go Jin is flamed up on hearing it and throws his manger out. He tries to calm himself(Even his heart monitor started beeping). Gu AE Jung feels sorry for him and switches back the scarf and decides to leave. But she was too late! When she was about to leave, Dok Go Jin comes out of the washroom. She quickly adapts herself to the situation and tells him that she was his fan and stepped in for his sign. He quickly grabs her scarf and signs on it. She was dumbstruck and starts throwing a fit-she tells him that the scarf was very expensive, his sign was not looking like a sign;only a triangle(keke).  He coolly throws away the twin scarf to her stating she can keep it. His voice and slang rings a bell on Gu Ae Jung and she stares at him. He misunderstands her thinking she wants the signed scarf and throws it at her. G Ae Jung was confirmed of her doubt.IT WAS THE SAME MAN.

She rushes towards him and confronts him. She shows him the signature he scribbled on her had earlier. She asks him to apologize. Being a talented actor he just acted like apologising….NOT MEANING A WORD and demands his scarf back.(POOR AE JUNG!!). She holds on to the scarf like her life depended on it. He manages to snatch it, ties it around his neck  and leaves. And he is doing this funnly dance like thingy…wow…lol


The radio station MC notice the sign in the scarf and asks about it when they are “On Air”. She asks Gu Ae Jung if she was a fan but her tongue slips and she says she is not. Instead she says that one of her acquaintance was a great fan of his. The radio starts prying and asks her if she knows him personally. Gu Ae Jung says that he is the “King Of Disrespect”- OMG!! She is in trouble. Just then it is shown that was a imaginary sequence. Instead she says he works really hard for acting- hurting his eardrum and learning martial arts ;Also because he did not want it get out because his fans will be worried.


Gu Ae Jung was kind of back into rada; came to the top searched list! Dok Go Jin’s fans were all complimenting her.(I am thinking what will Dok Go Jin do? His injured eardrum was a secret!). Beacause of this Gu Ae Jung is offered a role in “World Changing Quis” variety show. Kang Se Ri is looking for a guy to be the “perfect man” in her variety show. Next scene we see the doctor. Cliché. SO the doctor is the perfect man!

Dok Go Jin was deciding on what to tell the public about his Hollywood project. His manager suggest he say that he cannot go because of his ear injury now that it is hot topic. OFC Dok is surprised. He then comes to know that Gu Ae Jung was miss popular years back but because of their tragic diabandment and a scandal to follow she was spat out of celebrity world. He takes a while but finally figures out that she had eavesdropped on his conversation with his manager,Jae Suk. Only then it hit him- She should know about peter Jason ovie then! BAM! “Fin out her cell number”

GU Ae Jung is worried on what to do with the scarf. Her friend consoles her by saying that she will sell it in Dok Go Jin fanclub. Ae Jung is also worried since the producers of the reality show are asking for Dok Go Jin to make appearance and she does not even have his number. Just then her cellphone rings. Guess Who? Dok Go Jin!! Touche!

So they meet for dinner( . Gu Ae Jung asks him the favour but he insults her. Then she tries to beg him and when nothing worked stars blackmailing him. He gets irritated and gets back on her by asking whether she was “Yakuza’s mistress”. He hit her right on the spot. She gets irritated and leaves.

After returning home he starts googling Gu Ae Jung in his tablet and hears her song “Thump,Thump”. He sees her photo in the tab- it has the same expression as when she looked at him when he asked her if she was a mistress. His heart monitor starts beeping.He looks puzzled.


Everything was getting ready for the variety show- “World changing Quiz”. Gu Ae Jung was helpless; She calls Dok Go Jin and asks for his favour one last time. But he says he won’t do it and hangs up the phone. But he keeps glancing at the phone(Are you thinking what I am thinking?). Kang Se Ri is really surprised to know that Gu Ae Jung knows her pretend boyfriend! Meanwhile MrDok was waiting for the phone call!(LOL)In the variety show the call is finally made.But no one is answering the call yet; Everyone is waiting. No one yet. Everyone thinks that was the end. And then someone says “Hello”.

Gu Ae Jung is surprised; Kang Se Ri is surprised; But I am not. But I am happy and jumping!!!

And then it was a variety show and he has to guess the fruits- I dunno what was the best part!The whole of it was good- Him answering the questions calm at first and then picking up enthusiasm. Hi s manager looking surprised Or the last fruit and its clue!

Yep the last fruit was group and the clue was wine- Peter Jason wine. The TV people are keen and the pricked their ear to it and asks about it.

Gu Ae Jung and Dok Go Jin are Dumbstuck!

Episode Ends!!!!!

My Episode Rating- 4/5

The Hong sisters are at their best once again!


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