Meet my dream husband- Prince Shin

If you are a girl from India, dating someone and falling in love is a “near forbidden fruit”! So falling for the person after marriage is like becoming the Cinderella of our own world. What is more classier and attractive than falling for a prince after you have married him?

What makes Prince Shin a Good Husband?

  • He would think about what his wife-to-be would want-from freedom to chocolates and get her the same but would pretend not to care.
  • He would say the chocolates are from his cousin so that she thinks he is “thoughtless”.
  • He would piggy back her around when they are in a picnic.
  • He would kiss her on cheek in front of paparazzi.
  • He is too smart and can handle the paparazzi really good; So she don’t have to worry about scandals.
  • He would not touch her on their “arranged night” without your permission(only kiss). I think you wont have any complaints there.

  • He would be jealous to see hi wife being friends with his cousin(because he senses the fact that he like her)
  • He is a good photographer and takes adorable pictures of his wife.
  • He would help his wife pick up vegetables in her parents home garden.

  • Most importantly, he might secretly fall in love with his wife!!!

What makes him a terrible husband?

He would have affair with his first love after marriage.
He would not answer his wife’s calls when he is abroad and makes her worried(and) sick!
He would not send her home when she is sick(because he is afraid that she wont come back).

Why is being a princess that difficult?

Well you can think when you are in a palace how is life difficult? You will have everyone waiting on you head to toe. You get to wear pretty dresses and get the “envy” of the people around you. But tagged with these comes painful responsibilities and you feel you wings of freedom being cut off!

Life is never too sexy and easy as it sounds. People like prince Shin is like a dream come true; Only you find the reality much more harsher and at one point all you will want will be a normal life with a caring husband- Not sexy; comfortable.

But what is it that made the princess a perfect match for shin?

She was not the kind of girl who goes by law; rather she brushes through  the law and clouds the minds of the lawmakers. She looks the best in people and forgive easily. At times when the prince was a real jerk- you can see her going through hard time but she was happy the instant she felt the happy waves from the prince.

So if you have a incredible tolerance to pointless laws and can get through the fact that your husband had and still has a “girl he like”, you can think about shin. But only if you have the magical “princess” quality to make him fall for you,you can be sure that he is your soul mate.


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