The perfect way to express emotions – Guyliner!!

So what is the deal with K Guys and eyeliners? Eyeliners are quite common among K idols and actors and has been used continuously by almost all.

What first caught my attention about this eyeliner or a better term Guyliner was Hwang Tae Kyung! Strangely I was repelled due to the guyliner and actually did not like HTK!!

But then as ‘You’re Beautiful’ progressed I saw how even men can rock eyeliners!

Here is the surprised Guyliner look!

Here is the romantic Guyliner look!

And How not ruin your Guyliner look!

Now I have changed my bias towards Guyliners! K-Guys can rock em if it suits em!

So can you guess who are the owners of these attractive Guyliner eyes?

BIGBANG!! These guys really show how different styles of guyliner can still give the sexy effect and wild emotions!

Taeyang,Daesung,G-Dragon,SeungRi and TOP.

For their Dazed photoshoot! Mesmerizing!!

Credit of pics: as tagged


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