It’s time for some BigBang Burger!!!

BigBang members are some of the goofiest idols I have seen! They remind me of Suju so much! But BigBang’s goofiness has a complete hip-hop feeling if there is such a thing possible!

Apparently BB loves burgers! And human burgers at that!

Here are the photos of 5 lovable men kids who love to play around..


This is a history of their burgers from the year 2010 to 2012!

Amazing fact is that it is always Panda Seungri who ends up at the bottom of the stack..Poor RiRi! Being the youngest is really tough!

Its official guys being the maknae among all the grown-up hyungs is hard and back-breaking LOL!!

Fans reaction on seeing their human burgers over the years…

Ya lets PARTY HARD with a BANG!!! Gogogogo!

Credit of pics: as tagged,uploaders



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