G-Dragon’s Solo comeback to coincide with BigBang’s Anniversary?

BigBang is having their 6th anniversary next week and suddenly today in twitter G-Dragon posted a link to a countdown timer which coincides with the anniversary! We all know GD is scheduled to release his album this month which was rumored to be on his birthday Aug 18th but then due to this really brilliant law of Korean Media group which banned uploading music videos online before proper screening YG entertainment hinted that his album release date will be postponed!

The postponement was due to all the time needed to screen his MV and so it was not possible to release it on his birthday!

But this sudden timer has made fans all over go crazy like this because they think the counter denotes GD’s album release date!


So here is the timers link..


I was seriously worried about the comeback because of all this law and ban fiasco but GD just proved he is just not a laughing matter..

So what if you dont allow me to release the MV on my birthday??

I will release it on BIGBANG’s birthday!!

Take that y’all!!

Credit of Gifs: uploaders,tagged. I dont own those awesome pieces of art!



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