Oppa’s Gangnam Style goes viral – GO PSY!

I kept constantly hearing about PSY’s Gangnam Style going viral and it really made me curious to watch this and I finally got around to watching the MV!!

My reaction!

The start was a bit rocky.. I was like what is this guy doing?? Dont tell me this is a korean version of ‘I’m sexy and I know it’

But no fear guys! We dont have dudes in speedos dancing all crazy! What we have is a hilarious version of a guy who tries to show that he is the rich chabeol aka successful drama hero you see in 90% K dramas. What made this video viral is PSY! He is amazing with his dorky dance moves and as you keep watching you say ‘Oppan Gangnam Style’  by the end of the 4 min video.  SO CATCHY!!

Makes you wanna jump up and try that hilarious half sitting dance move called the ‘Horse Ride’ dance move!

The MV is very colorful and very funny! Basically gangnam is an area which is quite posh and well known for the luxurious building and style of living! So PSY is basically showing the girls that he has the gangnam aka the richman style!


But what a way to show that? All his actions seem totally opposite of that of a rich guy trying to woo a girl! gosh when the cam zooms into PSY at around 3.15 I never thought that Oppa would think sitting on a toilet bowl and singing as Gangnam style!!

Just wanna say PSY you deserve all the recognition you got! Getting 240,000,000+ views and being among the top of many lists like iTunes list etc. just shows how much K-POP rules the music world! OPPA GOGOGOGO!! 

Dont stop producing different styled songs and MVs and forever Gangnam style will tickle my funny bones!

Besides I really love your choreo! It is a nice way to display ones’ assets!


Credit of gifs: owners,tagged.

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One thought on “Oppa’s Gangnam Style goes viral – GO PSY!

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